Your Personal Fuck Slave

Slavery Phone SexMaster brought me here, as a present, to You. I’m Your new fuck toy. Does that please You? I know I sure am going to. Every day will start the same for us; I’ll wake You up by sucking Your cock. Bobbing my head up and down, licking and flicking my tongue over Your cock head, until You leave me with a mouthful of hot, gooey cum. You’ll find Your slippers ready, as well as Your robe. The shower is already running for You.
I’ll climb right in with You, to scrub and soap Your body, and then to hold still while You use me for Your own pleasure, like a slutty pocket pussy. After washing Your body, I towel-dry You, shave You, and serve You coffee and breakfast.
When You get home from work, I’ll be kneeling at the door, naked and soaking wet, to suck Your cock. You’ll skull fuck me, until Your day’s stress drains right down my cum-guzzling throat. After I serve You dinner, make You a drink, and rub Your feet, You allow me the pleasure of bouncing on Your cock while You watch the news.
I’ll wind and grind my tight, hot cunt all over Your cock, until You cum deep inside of me. Of course, I have to clean myself off of You, which means You get to shoot more cum, this time all over my pretty tits. How may I service You?

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