Waiting for you…


I had a dream about you again last night.
You were my man.
You did everything right and had no wrongs!
I was all yours.
Only you could touch me, Kiss me, Hug me, Love me and fuck me.
I worshiped your cock.
I worshiped you so much I was waiting in our living room for you to come home.
I had nothing but my thigh highs and heels on.
I know what you like, and I knew this would make you happy.
As you walked through the door, your eyes met mine and you dropped everything surprised and excited.
Why be surprised baby?
I wanted to welcome you home after a long hard day at work.
Please let me suck your throbbing cock..
Just as I lick my lips and start to take your huge cock in my mouth, I wake up.
I was soaking wet and alone in bed.
This could be our bed..
Please don’t keep me waiting..
I want to worship you baby..

Call me your Girlfriend,


Written by Fuckalicious Freak Sabrina
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