The Biggest Cum Shot

biggest cum shotHe gave me the biggest cum shot. It was a cyber cum shot, but hot, nonetheless. My cousin is overseas in the military. We have been having cyber sex for years. Last night, however, I didn’t give a sexy show to him. I jiggled my big tits and fat ass for his Major. He is the superior officer at my cousin’s outpost. Holly fuck he had a nice cock. He is the highest ranking official I have ever masturbated with. My cousin is well above private status, but he is a far cry from being the top dog too. The Major found my videos on my cousin’s laptop. He was snooping. He knew there was nothing illegal or in violation of army code about what we were doing. He doesn’t know we are kissing cousins. He just thought I was a sexy BBW girlfriend in the states. He told me he could make sure my solider got a pass to come see me if I let him jack off for me.  I told him how to stroke his cock. I played with my pussy too for him. He had a nice cock. He is married and hasn’t had sex in over a year. Poor guy. He won’t pay for a hooker because he doesn’t want to cheat on his wife of 30 years. But he couldn’t resist bbw phone sex with me. He came so hard and so did I. I told him I would be happy to help him jack off anytime. It is the least I can do for a military man.

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