Super HOT!

Gilf phone sexI traveled over 7 hours just to see my youngest daughter and her new husband. I love visiting them. Not only is it great to be around family, but their newlywed sex life really excites me. There have been times when on visits I have caught them fucking in the hallway, bathroom, kitchen, living room, even on the back deck! Every time my daughter is so entrenched in the experience that she doesn’t notice me. But her husband will look me right in the eye while he savagely fucks my daughter. It makes me so wet and I cum all over myself just from watching them.

I was hungry for a late night snack so I exited the guest room to sneak into the kitchen. I could see my daughter’s bedroom door was open and I could hear the passionate sex session they were having. As I attempted to creep past her husband looked up and saw me. He immediately winked and proceeded to fuck her harder and harder. I went on to the kitchen after watching but I could still hear her screams. I rushed to get a paper towel, wiped up the wet stream running down my leg, and opened a soda. As I did this I saw my naked son in law walk into the kitchen and just stared me in the eyes. As I looked down I noticed his still hard cock was covered in his cum and my baby’s juices. He looked up and said. “She doesn’t swallow it all.” I immediately dropped to my knees and told him I do. You know us moms are always cleaning up after our little ones, even the adult ones.

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