Snakes on a plane

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Hot ass sex is my specialty. I have a nice ass, and it gets plenty of attention. My long flight to the big apple was nothing short than adventurous. After the hustle and bustle of being in the TSA line and getting to my terminal, I was over ready to chill out and try to get through the five-hour flight. My seat had a mixup, and I was stuck between two annoying men. They were loud and making so much ruckus. I paid little to no mind. I took a benedryll and was hoping not to wake up till the flight landed. With the turbulence, I was getting woken up every few minutes. I noticed both the meatheads were watching porn. I was amazed at the girth of their dicks. One of them whispered in my ear. I knew he had figured out I was a nympho. He whispered if I had ever seen snakes on a plane. My eyes beamed and I grabbed both their dicks and jerked them and even let them mount me. One at a time. We had limited space, but it worked out. This spinner got fucked hard and rough. The turbulence was a great disguise. The naked teen pictures got them going. They were so happy a hot thing like me got seated with them.

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