Sexting with Cody

Adult phone chat

I love staying in touch with my man. I went on a little weekend vacation with my girls. I hate to be away from my man. I love being there with him and being his little sex slave. One night after a few drinks I started texting him. Telling him how bad I wanted his cock. How I wanted to choke on his cock and suck his balls. I sent him pics of my tits, telling him how bad I wanted his cock in-between them. I told him how badly I wanted to feel his dick inside of me. He told me if I really loved him I send him dirty pictures with me and one of my friends fucking. I love my man. I will do anything for him. I grabbed my hottest friend and started making out with her. Grabbing her tits, rubbing her pussy. We pulled out the double ended cock and started fucking each other with it. I sent my man all the dirty pictures I could. His dick was still better than her pussy! 

Phone sex

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