Our Little Secret

Phone SexMost men can’t handle this.

I know you have thought about it and I know you are curious.

You have heard of the intense orgasms but you are still scared.

You can’t share this with your girlfriend or your wife. You are too afraid of what they will think.

Don’t worry. It will be our little secret!

We can start slow with a nice massage. I will get you totally relaxed as my fingers rub the strong muscles inside your thighs, just barely grazing your delicious balls!

As I move up, pulling and squeezing your sexy ass, you feel my fingers start to spread your cheeks.

You feel my tongue give long slow wet licks, gliding over your yummy little rose bud ass.

Suddenly you feel my small wet velvety tongue slip inside that tight little hole and you are surprised that your cock is starting to jump!I slip my tongue in and out of your ass as the pucker little hole starts to relax.Adult Phone Chat

You tell yourself that you are hard because of the ball and cock massage that I am giving you but you are starting to feel an uncontrollable sensation, like nothing you’ve ever felt before!

I can feel the juices start to rush through your shaft and I need to free up my mouth to so you can give me my reward!

Quickly I slip my tongue out of your slippery erotic fuck hole and replace it with my finger, massaging your man “g” sot while I start deep throating your massive throbbing meat!

Two to three powerful thrusts in my strong hungry mouth is all it takes before you give me more cock cream that I could have ever imagined!

I finish your massage as I give you some time to wrap your head around what just happened.

So, do you think you can handle it?


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