National Video Game Day

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  National Video Game Day make me think of a gamer I dated once, We were together for a while and I really started to enjoy paying games. Well I started to like it when he played video games. I would lay my head on his lap and start running my fingers up and down his thigh. I would caress his dick through his pants, to get him hard. He would reposition himself so I can play with his hard cock. I start to unzip his pants and pull the big thing out. I tease the head of his cock with my tongue, going around and around the head of his cock.

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Then I slip my mouth around the head of his cock teasing his dick hole, then I slowly take each inch of his cock into my mouth. Slowly I massage my tongue around the shaft of his cock. I do not know how he could pay his video game while I sucked his cock, but he did every time. He would blow such a huge load into my mouth after I choked on his cock that he would yell so loudly into his head phones! Today always makes me think of him!! 

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