My Little Secret

Phone SexSometimes the other cheerleaders in school make fun of me.

I only hang with girls and I don’t date any boys in school.

They make fun of me and say that I like to make out with girls.

Don’t get me wrong. I have thought about it. I do wonder what it would be like to kiss a girls soft lips and squeeze her firm tits and smell her sweet honey pot.

But that is not why I don’t date boys in school.

I don’t date boys in school because they are just that…boys.

I like men!

I love their big strong hands and the way they touch me.

They know exactly how to get my juices flowing and how to make me scream their name!

Adult Phone Chat

I have one in particular. He has watched me grow since I was a tiny girl.

He has taught me how to suck on his big daddy meat without choking and he always takes the time to get me a wet and slippery before stretching my tight little kitty!

My little pussy is still so young and tight that it squeezes his fat cock with each stroke!

I never tell anyone what we do!

Then all the girls would want him and then who would make out with all those stupid little boys?

No, they can have the boys! I will keep my big daddy secret!

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