My Girls want to Party All the Time

Phone sex fetish

Let’s have a whore party, a couple of my girls, and I are getting together to plan the best fucking sex orgy ever. My sexy girls have orgy parties every year. This year is going to be the top Themed orgy ever baby, and it’s going to be burning hot. We’re having this party on Halloween, and we are going to be getting it going super xxx-rated. The girls love to throw prep parties, where we have to get a few practice orgies started. If you know my girls, you are a lucky guy for sure. Our first practice party is going to be tonight, about 10 girls and 20 guys are going to role play a Halloween orgy blast that will blow cocks and minds. Everyone’s going to be dressed up like nasty little naughty prostitutes and snow bunnies with devil horns of course. The guys will be wearing dick suits that means nothing but cock. We’re dirty girls we love to get pussy piercing crazy. We want cunts to be continuously drilled all night long. We got to practice and get this party right after all it is going to be the Halloween bash of the year. I want to be sucking cock to the balls and licking assholes sticking my tongue deep inside of asses. I’m a nasty freaky whore and I want to be fucked by two dicks at once in my ass. Cum on my face give me a call um facial. My cunt is so wet right now I feel like a water fountain and I need your cock to drink me up. Cum guzzling sluts like me Can’t Get Enough. All of my girls will be so bad tonight. Come to the party let’s have a good time.

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