Mischief Night!

My favorite Adult Halloween night “National Mischief Night” is all that Halloween is and so much more.¬†This years theme is fairytale home invasion. My team is me as Goldilocks, and three grizzly men as my three bears. One of the guys -Chuck- works for the cable company as a field agent. He collects some good intel in his position. He is in and out of houses all day often time all over the house depending on what he’s installing, fixing, or troubleshooting.
We have scoped out a couple of families to pinpoint our choice and then how we will infiltrate their place. The Steins won the choice reward of getting a visit from us. This thirty- something couple were going to be alone tonight with their little monsters away at school. These two are a couple snooty little fucks that need the fear of god put in their better than thou attitude and we WILL do just that.

As we got in the house and found the two useless pieces of swine in their “entertainment” room things got crazy. We really had our way and these two didn’t have a chance in hell but we let them live. We took our turns fucking and beating the hell out of them. Kinda like a scene out of “A Clockwork Orange”. I’d love to share how the three bad bears and a mischievous Goldilocks played.

You’ll need to ring me up and we can explore my night, but tonight I will be with a besti and we are going to have fun going as cops. I love Halloween!!!

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