Let’s Play Dress Up Sissy Boy!

forced feminization phone sex

So, this guy calls me up and I can tell that he needs a little-forced feminization phone sex. He was trying to fuck my pink little-wet fuck hole but boy did I turn that around on him. It was like he had no idea how tiny and useless his cock was. He started making out with me and I reached down and grabbed it. I couldn’t stop myself from backing away from him so I get a good look at him. He stood there confused and I just started giggling at him. I’m not really a size queen exactly, but I do love big cock and he was so much smaller than the thick long dicks that had been stretching me out lately. He started begging me to let him fuck me, I told him that I might let him cum for me, but there was no way he was getting that tiny cock inside my sweet precious pussy. I forced him into a pair of panties, telling him if he dressed up really hot and slutty for me so I could see what that clitty looked like in its proper undergarments, that maybe he could cum with me. In the end, he came from a few little rubs of his cock while looking at himself in the mirror while I slide a toy cock into his ass.

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