Well, what do you think? Your sitting there staring at my picture wondering if you are going to like talking to me. Hmmm, I know you will love talking to me about all the dirty little things you want us to do! Let me tell you a little bit about me, so you will be prepared when we talk. My name is Kassidy, and I’m the spoiled little girl who grew up to be just a little too spoiled as an adult. I am the perfect Princess that doesn’t do anything without some pussy worshiping or some serious face sitting first.
Let me tell you a secret – if you have a nice big hard cock then I will do anything and everything. You can fuck me in every tight hole I have, but if you have a small pathetic cock – hhmm – I will have to laugh and tease you. I use my body for what it was made to do – fucking nice hard studly cock, and I’ll use my words to humiliate and torture those who aren’t worthy of fucking me.
I am the kind of girl that gives you the world if the cock is good, otherwise I will cuckold you and make you my little bitch. I will mind fuck you until that little pathetic nubbin of yours is so swollen that it feels like its going to explode.

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