I Want You to Suckle My Breasts

I need some sweet suckling on my large natural breasts. Please cum and cuddle your face against my huge tits and begin to gently lick the tips of my nipples. You make them so hard, and make them ache even more for your lips to surround them. I want to feel the tips of your teeth guiding my hard nipple deep into your mouth while you suck and tease my breasts into giving you some sweet milk.

I will stroke your giant cock while you relax and feed on my gorgeous tits. You can switch back and forth as I watch you enjoy the pink ends of my huge bosoms. There is enough here for you for hours and I will continue to fondle you while you continue to suck my nipples until they are so sore that I moan in agony. Bite them and suck them for me until it feels like they are bleeding. Cuddle up baby, get those lips over here.

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