I Always Bring Daddy Presents

young bald pussy

My friend at school has the perfect little tight body I know my Daddy’s cock would just ache for. I knew he would love it if his little slut brought him home some fresh young bald pussy to play with. I got her over to our house for a sleepover and she thought we just playing dress up just for fun. She had no idea that I was preparing her to meet my Daddy and he was going to make her his new little fuck toy. I had her in the sluttiest outfit when he got home. I told him to follow me to my room because I had a special surprise for him. She was sitting on the edge of my bed when Daddy walked in. I could tell that he loved her blonde pigtails and sexy red lipstick he was going to smear all over her face with his big hard cock. The poor girl had no idea what she was in for. Daddy and I used her little fuck holes and sent her home full of his cum.

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