Hit Me With Your Best Shot

adult phone chat alanzaHell yeah I have been training at the gym and I feel great! My trainer is a hot fucking bitch that likes it rough. We put on the gloves and get in the ring. Everyone at the gym gathers around and watches us spar. What they don’t know is that it isn’t for show. With every blow she lands my cunt squirts a little more juice. And with every punch I land she gets a little wetter too. We love the primal and raw emotions that we release as we beat the hell out of each other and release any and all aggression from the days since we were in the ring last. When it is all over with and we get in the shower at the gym we fall together under the water, kissing each other alternately hard and trough and then gentle and passionate. Our hands find each others cunt and we fuck it out right there where any one could walk in on us.

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