He needed it

humiliation phone sexSome men just need to be humiliated, it’s almost as if they were born for it. I’m sure you know the type, meek little men with tiny penises, the kind of man that can’t even look you in the eye, that’s the kind of man Henry is. He likes to act like a big tough businessman but he is this tiny little short person that probably weighs less than I do! How am I supposed to take a man like that seriously? I laugh at him daily and all he ever does is beg me to stop, he’s so weak it’s truly pathetic to see. I like to tease him, torment him, and force him to watch me fuck real men. That’s why I gave him a little peepshow yesterday, I got all wet and naked and made him stand there naked with his lil dickie as hard as the tiny thing could get. He was begging to be allowed to touch me but he didn’t deserve it, I fucked a real man instead right in front of him. I forced him to watch that giant dick fill me up and only after my well fucked pussy was filled with cum was he allowed to taste it.

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