Delivery boy

Cocksucking phone sexI can’t stop making bad decisions. It was a dull Sunday afternoon, and I got hungry and ordered a pizza from this little mom and pop down the street. I was plotting and knew the delivery boy was extra yummy. It was not a long shot that I would get him so I thought about it for a second and finally made my mind to do it. I ordered it and waited. The guy’s name is Tony he is a senior in high school and is a freshly face 18 years old who I have been crushing on for a bit.

I invited him in as soon as he knocked. I wasted no time and came on to him strong. I asked him if he would give me some of his meat since I ordered a vegetarian supreme. He wasn’t expecting that question. I made my way to his shorts took them right off and went in on his cock as I have never had a cock in my face. I devoured it deep into my mouth and sucked it clean. He has the biggest blob of precum, and I was so excited to feel it in my mouth. I played with it some more and squeezed on his balls and made him tense up. I reached down my skirt and rubbed my clit while I sucked like a blowjob queen. I could feel getting ready to cum in my mouth. The boy had quite the shot.

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