Creatures in the forest..

Adult phone chat

As I bathed in the open stream I hear something coming from the forest.The pounding of the ground and the breaking of tree limbs frightened me. My skin was covered in goose bumps, my nipples were erect with fear. I got in the water deeper and deeper. I was trying to hide my naked body, I had no time to put my clothes back on. Closer and closer the beast was coming. Then I saw it, tall as a horse with skin like a human. More of her body came out as she stared at me. Her body was the body of a horse, I have only heard of such creatures. Mythical Creatures lived in the forest and never came this close to people. She walked into the water coming towards me. I could not hide my fear or my excitement. She got closer to me and I was entranced by her eyes. Her arms rapped around me as she kissed me. She took my breath away, never have I ever seen a creature like this. She was horrifying but something about her made me want her. She took my naked body out of the river, she was kissing me, fingering me and still moving so gracefully. Then with one swift move she had me pinned against a tree. She entered me from behind. She ripped me open making one big hole. She fucked me, she fucked me hard. She squirted her cum inside of me as she was leaving she told me to take care of her seed. There I laid in the forest, I thought I was going to die. 

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