Bratty Girl For You

bratty girl phone sex

I love that you enjoy my bratty girl phone sex. You know I am your sex slave on demand and you love it when I act out. I love telling you how I snuck out of the house today to go fuck my neighbor and my master found out and spanked me for hours. See I enjoy being a brat sometimes. I love to please but there is something about how my masters’ big hands leave these raised whelps on my ivory ass that drives my slutty pussy insane. Its always a few swats and then a rough pinch to my clit. About the fourth round, I am cumming on my master’s knee and he is fisting my little pussy and telling me that brats do not deserve cock.  Instead, he brings over some uptight looking woman from his office and fucks her right in front of me. She just takes his cock and does nothing but bend over and pull her panties up and leave. Yes, it is fun to be a brat but then sometimes instead of whips and chains, I get to sit in the corner and watch my master with some dull everyday sex. And that’s just not fair. I always do everything to please him and make it fun. I need you to show me what a real Master is tonight.

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