My Dad always said I was ‘Daddy’s Little Boy’ and he would tease me when we peed together outside on camping trips and stuff. He would always say when I grew up I’d have a big dink like his and told me not to worry. We would spell our names in the snow with pee, and compare our cocks. I was so envious I couldn’t wait to grow up. He would play with it and get it hard and say ‘See I told you it can get bigger’.

When I did grow up, my cock really did get bigger, but Dad started to call me ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’ cuz I also started to get little rosebud tits, and they grew into small real ones. He liked to play with my dickie, now he said I was perfect cuz I had two things he liked to play with. I can become either without anyone ever knowing the truth, except for Daddy. I don’t have to worry about him telling anybody, or it will ruin all his fun. I like being ‘Daddy’s Little Creature’, that’s his new name for me. He can tit fuck me and I can give him a sore butthole whenever I feel like it.

Call if you’re into tranny phone sex like me and Dad.


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  1. Jack

    Hey i wanna fuck u

  2. Jeff Smith


  3. Raymond Cook

    hey sexy you are very cute I would like to meet you

  4. Abram


  5. Jonathan Balletti

    Avery I wish I could show you my cock it’s cute and small

  6. Wooley Woodcock

    Hey there little dickie boy! I would love to smash my dickie against yours and rub real fast till we cream all over each other. Then I would put my meat into your taco shell and add some sour creme. Then I’d eat your taco out and make you clean. Next you would stroke your meat in my shell and then we 69 so you can have a taco too and we snowball your creme. Sound like fun sexy?

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