My Dad always said I was ‘Daddy’s Little Boy’ and he would tease me when we peed together outside on camping trips and stuff. He would always say when I grew up I’d have a big dink like his and told me not to worry. We would spell our names in the snow with pee, and compare our cocks. I was so envious I couldn’t wait to grow up. He would play with it and get it hard and say ‘See I told you it can get bigger’.

When I did grow up, my cock really did get bigger, but Dad started to call me ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’ cuz I also started to get little rosebud tits, and they grew into small real ones. He liked to play with my dickie, now he said I was perfect cuz I had two things he liked to play with. I can become either without anyone ever knowing the truth, except for Daddy. I don’t have to worry about him telling anybody, or it will ruin all his fun. I like being ‘Daddy’s Little Creature’, that’s his new name for me. He can tit fuck me and I can give him a sore butthole whenever I feel like it.

Call if you’re into tranny phone sex like me and Dad.

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