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Tranny Romance

Tranny Phone SexI get so hard thinking about you. You’re everything I’ve always wanted in a man. You treat like I’m the most beautiful woman in the world. You like that in public I’m a classy sophisticated lady but behind closed doors I’m a dirty slut. No one knows that behind these closed doors you’re on your knees sucking my cock. It’s no one’s business that you like my cock in your ass. You love to feel my tits on your back. I’m your freak between the sheets and you are mine. You think I’m the most beautiful when I’m on my knees. I love sucking my man’s cock. I can do things with my tongue that makes you weak in the knees. I like it when I’m ass up, my face is on the mattress and your cock buried in my ass. Hold my waist and pound my ass like you hate me. I know you love me, but I like it rough.


Shemale phone sexI know that I’m beautiful. My exotic looks make me stand out from the average woman. I walk around my city and get second glances and catcalls all a day. Men look at me and they see a pretty woman with sexy curves. They have no idea that I have a huge secret. Between my legs, I have a cock. And I only let a select few in on my secret. But, now you know so what are you going to do about it? Will you get down on your knees and wrap your soft lips around my stiff shaft? There’s a huge advantage to us both having dicks, we know what each other needs. I know how to suck and touch you. I can make you cum really fast, and baby I always swallow. I can’t wait to feel that warm load sliding down my throat. I bet your cum tastes like sunshine. Let’s have a good time and get to know each other.

My Little Secret

Shemale phone sexAt work, no one knows my secret. My co-workers think that I’m just an average female. I have to be really careful about telling people my little secret. When my boss called me into his office I was nervous, but I knew I had done nothing wrong. He told me to have a seat and we sat in silence for a few moments before he spoke. He turned his laptop towards me and my jaw dropped. There on the screen were x-rated pictures of me, and it showed everything including my hard cock. I didn’t know what to say, fear consumed my entire body. He stood up from his desk and walked towards me. My heart was pounding hard and I started to sweat. He pulled me to my feet and kissed me on my lips. I was shocked and not prepared for what happened next..
“You are the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen”, he confessed.
He dropped to his knees and pulled my panties down and my skirt up, and started sucking on my cock. He looked so damn good on his knees. It felt so good the way he stroked my cock into his mouth. I ran my fingers through his black hair as his tongue licked my balls. I tried to stop him because I felt my orgasm coming. But he wouldn’t stop until my cum filled his mouth. I feel a promotion in the near future.

Stranger in the Elevator

Tranny Phone SexLast night I met a beautiful stranger in an elevator. He couldn’t stop staring at me and it excited me. But I was nervous because I’m not your average girl, I’m special. When he stopped the elevator between floors and got right in my face I put his hand beneath my skirt and let him feel what made me special. He dropped to his knees and pulled my skirt up and wrapped his soft lips around my hard cock. While he sucked my cock he kept his blue eyes locked to mine. The only sounds were his slurping and my moans of pleasure. This man was wonderful and so very sexy. I tried so hard not to cum fast but the oral sex felt too damn good. Sweet warm nectar filled his mouth as he sucked me dry. He got off his knees, started the elevator, and got off on the next floor. He left me alone and shell-shocked, and  I didn’t even know his first name.

Ms. Control Freak

Tranny Phone SexI’m a beautiful woman with a beautiful cock. And I need a strong man whose willing to drop to his knees and wrap his lips around my dick. Be honest, you’ve dreamt about special girls like me. I love being your secret fantasy. We have the same equipment so I know exactly what you need. I don’t mind getting down on my knees and returning the favor. Will you bend over and let fuck your tight boy-pussy? I’ll even stick my tongue inside your tight asshole. But you need to understand that I have to be in control. When I tell you to do something, you better do it. Remember I’m the dominate and you’re my submissive. If you’re a good boy, my rewards will blow your mind. Call me and fulfill your transsexual fetish. You’ll fall in love with my dirty mind.

Tight Hole

Tranny Phone SexI know exactly what your body needs because we have the same needs. I know how to please you with my mouth, I’m a cock sucking professional. I’ll roll my tongue around your dick head before putting you in my throat. I can deep throat without gagging. I’ll suck your cock until your sweet nectar fills my mouth. And then it’ll be your turn to please me. I can’t wait for you to wrap your lips around my hard cock. I want eye contact as you slob on my dick. Can you hold my ass and suck my cock without using your hands, because that really turns me on. I don’t want to cum in your mouth, I want to cum in your ass. So bend over and give me that tight asshole. I’ll be very gentle at first and let you get use to my size. But I can’t promise you that I’ll be gentle the whole time. Feeling that tightness makes me go wild.

Tranny Fantasy

Tranny phone sexYou look at me and you see a beautiful woman, but I have something that makes me very special. I’m a beautiful woman with a cock. Nice tits and a cock make me a very naughty girl. Grab my cock and stroke me slowly, and I’ll stroke your cock. Let’s make each other feel really good. I think you would look sexy on your knees with your lips wrapped around my hard dick. I want to see your beautiful eyes as you please me orally. Suck my cock good and I’ll return the favor. Would you like to sixty-nine? I know what you want.. You want me to fuck your tight ass. I’ll bend you over and give it to you really gentle at first. You know you’ve always wanted a sexy tranny. Well here’s your chance, call me. Let’s have some fun.

Sexy Ladyboy

Shemale Phone SexDo you like what you see? Do you think I’m sexy? I’m the best of two worlds: sexy curves and a cock. I know exactly what you need. I know how to suck and fuck you into falling in love me. I like a submissive man that likes a dominant woman. I need to be in control. When I say, “get on your knees,” I don’t want any hesitation. I know you’ll look so good with my dick in your mouth, so open wide. I need you to suck my cock like you’re trying to suck my skin off. If you’re a really good boy, I might reward you. Good boys get to have their dicks sucks. And good boys can fuck my tight boy-pussy. Will you be my good boy? We could have so much fun… without any limits.

69 Is My Favorite Number

Tranny Phone SexI’m a transsexual, a woman with a cock. I think being a woman with a dick is a huge advantage. I know exactly what you need. I know how you need to be touched. I’ll wrap my lips around your cock and send you over the edge. Don’t let me be the only one down on her knees. I want you to suck my dick, too. I know that’s the first thing you thought about when you saw my picture. Get on your knees, suck my dick, and let me see your beautiful eyes. Stroke my cock as you swallow every inch of my hard dick. Call me and let’s discuss all of the dirty things I from you. Right now, I’m thinking about the number 69. Because 69 is a very sexy number. The shape of the numbers looks like two people sucking and licking their sensual parts. Do you want to 69 with me?

Shemale Passion

Shemale Phone Sex A walk around in beautiful dresses and expensive high heels because I love being a sexy woman. I have nice tits and dangerous curves that pull men in like a magnet. But only a special type of man can handle a girl like me. I don’t have a pussy, I have a cock. I love my dick, I don’t want to transition into becoming a full-fledged woman. I like having my cock sucked. There’s nothing sexier than a man on his knees sucking cock. I love looking down and seeing male lips wrapped around my hard cock. I’m a woman in every way except for the cock between my legs. I don’t have a pussy but my asshole is way tighter. You can bend me over and give it to me hard and fast. Then I can bend you over and give it to you hard and fast. I like to get down and dirty anywhere anytime.

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