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Phone Sex Trannies Make Great Girlfriends

phone sex Phone sex trannies are the best girlfriends. We look great on your arm in front of your friends who would never understand your special needs. They would be jealous you scored such a hot babe, but how would they react if they knew the truth? Tim is like one of my many callers. He loves chicks with dicks, but can’t admit that to his friends. I was on his arm Friday night at this big work party his boss put together on a big ass sailboat. Wives and girlfriends were encouraged to join as this was a thank you for the hard work of the pharmaceutical reps. His coworkers are ultra conservative. He claims they would never understand a special girl like me. I playedthe part of the hot exotic girlfriend. In fact, I made Tim the envy of his boss. His boss cornered me in one of the cabins below. He made me an indecent proposal to be his side piece. Tim’s boss is married, but he likes hot girls. I told him I was not up to sharing because I do like Tim, plus I didn’t want to jeopardize my sugar daddy’s job. Apparently, the CEO of the company isn’t accustomed to being rejected. He tried to force himself on me. That never goes well for men. I look like a delicate flower, but I am one strong sexy bitch in charge. I showed Tim’s boss who was in charge. He was shocked to learn I had a dick; even more shocked to feel all 10 inches up his ass. As I fucked some respect into him, I made it clear that if he threatened me or Tim’s job, I would show everyone what a sissy faggot bitch he was. The next day Tim spoiled me with a new car because he got a large bonus at work. Like I said, a tranny phone sex chick makes the best girlfriend.

The Real Tranny Phone Sex Experience

tranny phone sexWant to have tranny phone sex? As a special girl, it is my specialty obviously. Guys call me because I have a sexy tranny cock. They may want the girlfriend experience, some domination, a sexy role play or they may want to have a fetish explored, but they all want my cock. You do too, don’t you? It is a feature that stand out. You have the benefit or knowing I am a shemale. I meet guys all the time who are clueless. I like the element of surprise, but in this social climate it is a risk if you surprise the wrong guy.  I don’t wear a badge that says “Beware, I have a 10” cock,” That is why I like shemale phone sex so much. I can be myself and there is no surprise. You are calling me because you want my cock. You may like a fantasy role play where you don’t know I am packing heat, but ultimately my cock is what draws you to me. I think once you take the leap to call me, you will find out I am not so different from natural born women. I love romance. I love intelligent conversation. I love being spoiled and pampered. And, I love fucking. Well, maybe that part makes me different from many women, especially your wife! I enjoy everything from sweet lovemaking to hardcore fucking. Any kink or fetish you can think of, I enjoy too. So, think of me as just a girl, a sexy phone mistress, your wet dream….just with a bigger cock than yours!

Tranny Phone Sex Respect

tranny phone sexAre you curious about tranny phone sex? I understand that a chick with a dick is somewhat of a novelty. I am far more than a novelty, however. Yes, I have a pretty package. One that perhaps is bigger than yours; but besides my cock, I am all woman. I love to be spoiled and pampered. I like to be treated like a lady. Notice I said lady, not bitch. I am not a submissive girl. You cannot get rough with me, mock me or demean me. Well, you can, just trust me, there will be consequences. I don’t take any shit from anyone. Big cock, big wallet, don’t matter if you are a big ass. Just ask Tyler. I met him at a club recently. He had a cocky air about him that screamed “I’m insecure because I have a tiny dick.” He was harassing me and my girlfriends who were minding our own business. His itty bitty ego couldn’t handle rejection. He thought we were freaks, well he only thought that after I rejected him. I’m tight with the bouncers at this club. They were more than willing to toss Tyler out on his jackass ass for us, but I decided to handle him myself. I lured him into the bathroom with the assistance of a natural born woman. Me and my posse of special girls decided to teach Tyler some respect. We gang banged him. He need to learn respect for a sexy tranny cock through a good hardcore ass fucking. His little clitty stick was erect with cock up his backdoor pussy. We all stood over him and came on him as he rubbed his little nub. Turns out Tyler enjoyed being taught to respect a sexy shemale cock. He just needed the right shemales to show him.

Special Mistress Phone Sex

mistress phone sexI deliver a certain kind of mistress phone sex. Mistress has a couple meanings to me. I love married men. I find a married man wants to spoil me for whatever duration we hook up for. They are uncomplicated. My job is not a factor. They do not try to own me; nor do they become obsessed with me. They want me as their dirty little secret because they could never admit to their wives, families, even friends that they like a sexy cock up their asses. For a girl who likes to play the field and travel, a married man is perfect. I am a different kind of mistress too. You see, I am a chick with a dick in charge of how we play. Guys assume that because I am special, I am a bottom. I have a ten inch cock when it is hard. That is a big cock. Men with big cocks are rarely subs, so why would a special girl with a big dick be any different? I am a top unless of course you have a dick bigger than mine. In that case, we can discuss who fucks who. I will fuck a cheating man. I will fuck his married back door pussy with my big hard cock. I might even spank his ass and tie him up too since I am a sexy dominating mistress too. Game?

Real Shemale Phone Sex

shemale phone sexSexy shemale phone sex is not easy to find. There are thousands of trannys in this line of business, however, not all of them are hot with big dicks. Many shemales look like transvestites. My guess is that they are and someone is passing them off as actual transsexuals. What is the difference? A transvestite is a drag queen. Think Rupal. A transsexual has real breasts and feminine voice and features from hormone therapy. I look like a woman because I live like a woman. I want to be treated like one too. I style my hair, which is natural. I don’t wear a wig and it is not a weave. Pull on it and find out for yourself. My boobs are thanks to a gifted surgeon. My make up is flawless because I took cosmetology classes. My body is soft and feminine because of hormones and yoga. I love having the curves of a woman. I dress to accentuate my womanly body. I want you to think of me as all woman with the exception of my 10 inch cock. It is the only feature I have that is masculine. If you don’t know I have a cock, you would not know I was not a natural born woman. Take me out on the town, introduce me to friends, family and co-workers and see how you become the envy of everyone for having the hottest  girlfriend in the room. Unless you tell them, no one will know I have a bigger cock than you.

Naughty Secretary Phone Sex: I’m in Charge in the Office Too

naughty secretary phone sexNaughty secretary phone sex with a special girl is the hottest. Who better to take dicktation than a chick with a dick? My naughty secretary role plays are not without a basis in real life. I tried to do the traditional work force thing. It just never worked well for me. A few years ago, I tried my hat at being a paralegal. I am certified for it. Handsome lawyer specializing in personal injury hired me knowing I was a transsexual. He said he didn’t care about my lifestyle if I was a good paralegal. Then, he went through a divorce. A nasty divorce too. Because of the stress of his job, he started watching a lot of porn, often in the office. I accidentally busted him watching tranny porn one day. He was embarrassed, but I knew he was curious about me. “Are you thinking of my sexy tranny cock,” I asked him. He was speechless, so I showed him what I was packing under my pencil skirt. He started salivating when he saw my 10 inch cock. “Why don’t you make it grow,” I purred. He leaped over his desk and fell to his knees to be a cock sucking slut. He had some teeth involved initially. It was clear I was his first cock. I taught him how to give head. For months, I was the real boss of the office. I would show up to work to find him waiting for me with my Starbucks in his hand as he was on his knees. He sucked my cock several times a day at the office, until he became obsessed with me. He wanted to marry be, but he wasn’t even legally divorced yet. He didn’t want me to see other men, yet he was dating young coeds to keep up appearances. I had to quit. But for a year, the boss was my cock sucking bitch. I may just be the secretary, but make no mistake of who is really in charge.

Tranny Phone Sex Surprise

tranny phone sexTranny phone sex lovers have been calling me all weekend! I think long weekends go hand in hand with partying. When you party, you start to think about all those kinky desires you have that are unfulfilled by a vanilla wife. As hot as your woman might be, she doesn’t have what I have between my legs. Guys love a sexy tranny cock. They may not know they like it until they see a shemale like me! I was at a Labor Day cookout yesterday. I knew the host well. I went solo, which was not awkward because I became the belle of the barbecue. Single men and married men alike were hitting on me. None of the men who surrounded me, knew anything about my panty surprise. I like that element of surprise. Surprise doesn’t always go in my favor, but this time it did. The host of the party, who knows my secret, announced to several of my fans, “Be careful boys. Carla has a bigger cock than a few of you combined.” Jaws hit the floor. They thought it was a joke at first. They asked questions and finally got to, “can we see it.” I looked around to make sure no little ones were around. When the coast was clear, I lifted up my dress and pulled my panties to the side, revealing a 10 inch cock. More gasps and jaw drops followed. One guy, who is single, wanted us to leave the party together. I knew what he wanted. He wanted my sexy tranny cock up his ass, just like you do. I took him back to my place. He was born for cock up his ass. I think he is like many tranny lovers: bisexual curious, not attracted to men, but wanting a cock up his ass. He got my cock up his ass for hours. If you want a hardcore ass fucking from a sexy shemale, I deliver. I am a natural top; however, my switch side is strong when you have a nice big cock too.

Sexy Shemale Phone Sex is the Best

shemale phone sexShemale phone sex is only fun with a hot sexy shemale like me. I won’t lie. I look at other companies and check out the competition. I am always surprised at the high number of ugly shemales out there. In fact, I think many folks don’t understand the difference between a transvestite and a transsexual. A transvestite is a drag queen. Most are not even nice looking ones like Rupal. If you can tell without a doubt you are looking at a dude in women’s clothes, you are not looking at a sexy shemale. You want a transsexual. Someone who is pretty like me with soft features and a feminine body. When I am not naked, most men and woman can’t tell my unique quality. I live my life as a woman. I am a chick who happens to have a dick; a big one at that. I was at the beach this weekend sunning my hot body. Man, after man, hit on me. I enjoyed the fact that they had no clue what was tucked in my bikini bottoms. I take it as the highest compliment when a straight man doesn’t know I am a T-girl. You found me because you wanted a chick with a dick. Most men, however, find me by accident when they think they are hooking up with a natural born woman. Either way, I love being a sexy tranny phone sex slut who caters to all your transsexual fantasies.

Special GFE Phone Sex

gfe phone sexI love GFE phone sex calls. Honestly, I love to be spoiled and pampered. Men who treat me like a bitch, get treated like a bitch. I am a goddess. I am a princess. Just as special one.  The way it works is that you spoil me; I spoil you. If you want your cock sucked; if you want to be a top, then take me out someplace fancy. Hold doors open for me. Buy me something pretty. Take me on a shopping trip. You do that and I will be the best mistress you ever had. I will be extra special too because I have a 10 inch cock. That means we can switch roles. I am a natural switch. I tend to lean towards the dominant side because most men don’t know how to handle a woman properly or they just need to be dominated. I am hoping you are different. I am hoping you understand how a woman wants to be treated. I got spoiled well by George last night. First time in a while that I sucked cock and let a man fuck my pretty ass. How did George get so lucky with a sexy shemale switch? He spoiled the fuck out of me. Plus, he had a beautiful thick cock. I deserve to be spoiled and I deserve big cock. You will find out when you spoil me on our phone sex call.

Shemale Domination Porn Cuckolding

shemale domination pornShemale domination porn stars make great mistresses. I can dominate you with my ten inch cock as well as my whips and chains. When I peg a submissive, he will feel it Men call me all the time to be dominated by me on and off the phone. Men in my circle know I am a dominant tranny. Lisa is one of my oldest friends. She knew me when I was Carl. Over a decade later, we are still friends and she is now married. She is a trophy wife. They have a cuckolding relationship. That means she fucks other men. None of her lovers have cuckolded her husband, however. She wanted him fucked in the ass and forced to suck cock, so she called in a favor. I was happy to help my dear old friend. The three of us had dinner and drinks like we often do. There was nothing out of the ordinary about us going back to their place either. Tony knows all about me, however, he has never experienced me. He was shocked, but aroused, when Lisa and I started making out. He tried to join in, but I pushed him away. Lisa also pushed him away and added he was not allowed to play. He sat on the couch whimpering. After I fucked my hot friend, giving her the hot squirting pussy her husband has never given her, I made him suck my cock. I was still hard. Her cunt juice was glistening my cock. I slapped his face with my hard rod as I whispered to him, “Taste how wet I make your wife’s cunt.” He started sucking on my cock, his first cock, like he had done this before. He was greedy for all that cum. I bent him over and fucked his ass harder than I have fucked anyone in a while. Cuckolding my friend’s husband was a hot experience for us all. I think we will be having more nights like this in the near future.

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