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Shemale Domination Porn Star and Pretty Princess

shemale domination pornShemale domination porn. Is that something you watch? If you do, you might recognize me. I am a dominant tranny when it comes to little dicks and submissive bitches. I am no bitch for the record. The only men who get to fuck my ass have cocks as big as mine and huge bank accounts. Even a special girl needs standards. I have a few sugar daddies on the hook. The one that gets to fuck me in the ass has an 11 inch cock and thousands of dollars to toss at his favorite mistress.  He has been the best thing to happen to me in a while. I love a sissy bitch. I like being a dominant tranny, but I enjoyed being spoiled and pampered more. I really am just a girl. Just a girl with a big hard cock. My sexy tranny cock doesn’t mean I don’t want to be treated like a princess. I have that duality about me. Inside every woman is a pretty princess and a bad ass bitch. It is just when that girl has a 10 inch cock, she is a bad ass bitch more than a pretty princess. My sugar daddy spoils me with his cock and his money. I love being a phone sex tranny. But, it would be nice if I could talk to some real men too. Is that you?

Tranny Phone Sex: Relax and Try It

tranny phone sexTranny phone sex is so much fun for us both. Admit that you are curious about my panty surprise, so you can start having special fun. Trey finally gave into his desires. He is a guy I met months ago at a party. We have been texting and talking on the phone, but it has all been G rated. I am attracted to him, but I see him as an equal. He is not some sissy bitch with a tiny cock. He is a straight man with a wonderful job and no wife. He is in his early thirties like me. We have a few mutual friends. It wasn’t until a party around Christmas that he found out about the pretty cock tucked inside my panties. You see, I went to high school with his younger sister. She is a good friend of mine still, but Trey was overseas for years and just never put two and two together, until that holiday party. He asked his sister who her hot girl friend was and got the surprise of his life when he realized I was her once male BFF from high school.  When we started texting, it was reminiscing about high school and stuff. I could tell he was interested in me but confused. Months went by with G rated talk, so I assumed he just couldn’t get over the fact that I had a cock. Last week, he surprised me. He asked me out on a date. A date that gfe phone sex calls are made from. Finally, he saw me as a girl. A hot girl who happens to have a cock. We have been going out and fucking for a week now. With him, I am a sexy little shemale switch. I fuck him, and he fucks me. Is it serious? No. But it is hot sexy fun.  If you get over the fact that I have a cock, I bet we could have some fun too.

Tranny Phone Sex for Straight Men Who Want Cock Up Their Ass

tranny phone sexAre you looking for tranny phone sex? Most men don’t find me on accident, although they all say that. I play along like I am just a happy discovery, but I know they were looking  for tranny cock. Be honest with yourself though. You find yourself cock curious, don’t you? You aren’t alone. Cock is in. A sexy shemale is a safe way of exploring that curiosity.  I think men who like men are gay, but men who like shemales are just smart. We are the best of both worlds and transsexuals can be a dirty little secret in plain sight. I have this sugar daddy named Vance. He is not gay, but he enjoys a cock up his ass. Before me, he hired hookers to peg his ass. After a while, that just didn’t do the trick any more. He knew he didn’t want a man. He doesn’t find men attractive.  A shemale is the best alternative for straight men who want cock. When I am on his arm at fancy events, all his friends can’t stop telling him how beautiful they find his date. We both love the attention. None of his business associates know his naughty secret. I get wined and dined; Vance gets a hardcore ass fucking. It works for us both. I bet it would work for you too.

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Smoking Fetish Phone Sex

smoking fetish phone sexDo you enjoy smoking fetish phone sex? You know how women say they only smoke when they drink? I only smoke when laughing at men with tiny dicks. There is something about small dick humiliation that makes me want to light up a cigarette. Perhaps, it is because a cigarette is bigger than some of the little dickies I have seen in my life. This guy, who has been cyber stalking me, sent me a few dick pics.  I needed glasses to see the pathetic little thing. Yes, it was that small. I puffed on a cigarette and thought how I could best deliver the message that what he had between his legs was a far cry from a dick. I agreed to meet him.  I bought a pack of cigarettes because I was going to need a smoke. I had him undress for me. He thought he was gonna put his little willy in my ass. I laughed as I blew smoke rings around his pathetic shrimp dick. He was not getting it until I put the cigarette next to his so called dick. His sorry excuse for a dick was thicker, but it was not longer! You know what the difference is between a cigarette and a small dick? Only the cigarette gets my lips around it! He got a healthy dose of small cock humiliation phone sex. He needed a wake up call. Pinky dicks don’t call the shots. They don’t get to decide what hole they can fuck. They get laughed at and tossed into some panties, so they don’t get hurt or lost. I am a tranny with a big dick. You don’t have to be my size to fuck me, but you must be way bigger than a cigarette. Every special girl wants something she can feel.

Bad Babysitter Phone Sex

babysitter phone sexI am not the typical girl for babysitter phone sex, but I have a story for you. A friend of mine was in a pinch over this weekend. Her sister is her usual babysitter, but she flaked.  She needed me to stay with her teen daughter for the weekend. The girl is old enough to be left alone for extended periods of time, but she is a teen girl, so some supervision is required to make sure she doesn’t get into trouble. She got into trouble under my supervision, but the good kind of trouble. She was curious about my sexy tranny cock. Her mother told her I was a tranny phone sex operator because I would be working over the weekend. Poor girl thought it was like an acting job. She didn’t think I was a real transsexual. She said I looked too beautiful to have a cock. She wanted to see it. I didn’t think there was any harm in letting her know that I indeed did have a cock between my legs. Her eyes got as wide as the ocean. She started to touch it to see if it was real. I made it move without touching it. She giggled. Then she did something unexpected. She grabbed it and started sucking on it. Normally, I am not into girls. I enjoy the company of older men mostly, but it was so taboo to let a young girl suck my cock. My friend would not be happy, but I swore the teen girl to secrecy. When she showed me her young bald pussy, I decided to fuck her. She was not a virgin, but she didn’t have years of fucking under her belt yet either. Her young tight pussy felt like your ass on my cock. I fucked my friend’s daughter; came in her pussy too. I just hope I didn’t knock her up. I guess we will know soon enough. I’m such a bad babysitter.

My Tranny Porn Pictures

tranny porn picturesDo you look at tranny porn pictures? Most of the men that call me or pick me up at a bar look at sexy shemales on the Internet. I have done some tranny fetish modeling. I love showing off my hot body, especially my nice, thick cock. I am proud to be a sexy tranny. I am down in Jamaica for a few more weeks, working and enjoying tropical paradise. I met Trevor at the hotel bar. A cute British man who swore he knew me. I never forget a man with a sexy accent. We had a few drinks, talked and the next thing I knew, I was in his hotel room. When I gave him full disclosure about my sexy tranny cock, I saw the light bulb turn on in his mind. He has had tranny phone sex before. Not with me, not even with my company, but he has spent hours looking at sexy shemales on the Internet. Meeting one as hot as me, he said was a dream cum true. I loved the fact that my panty surprise was a welcomed surprise. In today’s climate, you never know how someone will react. He wanted to suck my throbbing member. He was in luck. My throbbing member wanted to be sucked. I never had a Brit give me head before. He was quite skilled in sucking cock. He had never hooked up in real life with a shemale. Up until me, shemales had been a fantasy only for him. He had sucked some gay guys off in the bathrooms of gay bars. That is how he learned to give head. Most of my callers have no real experience with shemales either. Trevor and I had a hot night together. Sadly, he flew back to the UK today, but there is still an island full of men for me to fuck.

Tranny Phone Sex Paradise

tranny phone sexTranny phone sex on the beach? It is not a cocktail. It is my life for a couple weeks. I’m down in Jamaica with a sexy tranny friend of mine. She is an escort and her special friend wanted her with him in paradise while he conducts business. He builds resorts and he is laying the foundation for an adult swinger resort here. He told her to bring a friend to enjoy the beach with during the day, so she picked me. I have my own hotel suite. I can work and play. Emerald is my oldest friend. We grew up together. We were both young boys playing with our mother’s makeup and clothes. We knew before we had pubes we were born in the wrong bodies. Twenty years later, we are still besties. Just now we rock bikini beach bodies. I have been popular on the beach with the tourists and natives. Yesterday, I was working on my tan when a tall, black local hit on me. I am leery of black men because many of them are not cool with chicks with dicks. Plus, most are dominant men and I am not submissive. Can’t be as hot as me and waste it being some loser’s bitch. He was a tall dark handsome man, but I rebuffed him. He wouldn’t take no for an answer. He confessed he knew I was a sexy shemale. That was a game changer. I took him back to my hotel room. I’m glad I did because he had a huge cock. It is rare that I find a cock bigger than my 10 inches. I sucked his cock which resulted in the biggest cum slut down my throat. He just wanted to have his cock sucked by a special girl. I am loving paradise so much, I may never leave.

Sexy Shemale Phone Sex Dating

shemale phone sexI love being a sexy shemale phone sex slut. Most women like me are in the adult business. We don’t fit in with mainstream white collar America. The problem is many men feel threatened by a chick with a dick; especially a dick bigger than their dick. I have tried traditional jobs. When the cat gets out of the bag, men cave to peer pressure and harass me. I get it. They weren’t expecting a pretty girl to have a bigger cock. In the adult industry, men are looking for a sexy tranny. They want me to have a big dick. When guys aren’t caught off guard, they love the fact that I am a sexy tranny phone sex slut. Guys who are bisexual, bi curious or submissive closet fags, want my ten inch cock. I met Antonio on a tranny dating site. I won’t lie; I would love to have a boyfriend. One day I want to get married. I am picky about men, however. I want a masculine man as my lover, as my boyfriend. Antonio appeared to be that. Turns out he just faked it while we were communicating online. He was desperate to be fucked by a dominant tranny. Never fails. Whenever I try to meet a masculine man, I end up with a sissy or a bitch. All the weak, submissive men are not boyfriend material. I will fuck them. I will make them worship my cock. I will shame and humiliate them, but I won’t let them fuck me. Antonio was a bottom bitch. He would never have a chance fucking me or dating me once I met him in person. Good looking man but sounded like a life long pansy. And don’t get me started on his clitty stick. I am back to the dating game once again. When you call me, don’t pretend to be something you aren’t. If you want fucked in your back door pussy, just say so.

tranny phone sex

Fantasy Phone Sex Cum True

fantasy phone sexWhat is your favorite fantasy phone sex scenario? I have many, but one of my favorites is bride and groom. I played this fantasy out with a guy I met recently. He has a nice cock. It is not as big as mine, however, which makes him my bottom. He is okay with that because he is a submissive. His ultimate fantasy was that he married me but never knew my secret until our wedding night because I was saving myself for marriage. The idea of remaining chaste before marriage is not a popular one these days. I would never marry a guy I had not fucked. What if he had a small cock or was a lousy lay? The fantasy is hot still, even if unrealistic. I borrowed a wedding dress from a girlfriend. I went all out to make this guy’s fantasy come true. He is a nice guy. He spoils me. We have fun, so I was inclined to fulfill his fantasy. We were kissing after our marriage vows were exchanged. My groom was horny. I was ready to consummate our marriage. I was happy to reveal my panty surprise after a year of dating. He went to take my garter off my leg and out popped my sexy tranny cock. My husband was shocked, even confused. I forced my cock into his mouth. I skull fucked him in my wedding dress. I made him gag. He had never sucked dick before. I made sure he knew that it was part of our marriage vows to love one another. I made him repeat our vows as I fucked his ass.  I fucked him by the pool. I fucked him in the bathroom. I fucked him in our marriage bed. We laughed about the role play the next morning. It is unlikely a guy would marry a sexy tranny and not know. What would you do if it happened to you?

Tranny Phone Sex Selfie

tranny phone sexI took a tranny phone sex selfie this morning. Don’t I look great? No one can guess what I have tucked inside my bottoms. I went to the gym this morning before my shift. I love going to the gym. All eyes are on me. I put on some yoga pants that hug my curves and a little sports bra that shows off my sexy breasts. Normally my hair is in a ponytail and my ear buds in my ear as I listen to music as I work out. I was on the tread mill this morning when one of the club’s trainers approached me. He wanted to give me some tips on proper form. He just wanted an excuse to touch my hot body. I was certain there was nothing wrong with my form. I was also certain he had no clue about my panty surprise. I was not sure what to do. He clearly wanted to fuck, but I work out at this club daily and it could be awkward if he was not cool with the 10 inch cock I had carefully tucked. I think he sensed my hesitation when his hand was on my back. I didn’t recoil, but I stiffened my posture. He was hot. I didn’t want my sexy tranny cock to make an unexpected appearance. Suddenly, he whispered in my ear, “I know you are a shemale.” Turns out the only reason he was flirting with me was because he heard the rumors. He wasn’t curious. He just wanted to fuck. He has a shemale fetish. He hires shemale escorts. I was happy to fuck a hot buff man who knew I was a tranny. We went for a quickie in the yoga studio. All those mirror around made it extra hot. His cock was ample, so I let him give me a hardcore ass fucking too. It is a rare occurrence when a guy has a cock equal to mine.

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