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Shemale Phone Sex Stripper

shemale phone sexShemale phone sex is an honest living. Special girls like me are rarely in the traditional work force. My shemale friends are in the adult sex industry too. Emerald is my closest T-girl friend. She recently started dancing at a high-end Gentleman’s club. It is an exotic dancing club but much more. They sell cigars and steak dinners. Only top-shelf liquor, no fruity drinks either. It’s mostly bourbon, gin, vodka and the ilk. The club has mostly traditional female strippers 18-30 working there. There is one tranny and one MILF, but they need more fetish dancers, especially for the private dinner parties. A local bigwig with a tranny fetish booked the entire club for a night for a party. He only wanted T-girl strippers, however, so I did Emerald a favor. I was going to be compensated and I love to flirt and drain wallets. Two sexy trannies could entertain 20 men. These guys were smoking Rocky Patel cigars, eating steak dinners and drinking fine Kentucky bourbon. At first, we walked around in sexy clothes lighting cigars and making small talk. We got dicks hard too. After dinner, the stripping fun began. These were wealthy businessmen with either a tranny cock curiosity or downright fetish. Either way, I didn’t mind if I was getting tipped. One guy monopolized me. Said I was the hottest woman he ever saw. Kept tipping me in 100s for lap dances. The night wasn’t even half over and Emerald, and I had over a couple grand in tips alone. Because it was a private party and we were requested, we also got 10% of the food and booze sales a piece. Easiest money I have ever made. Fun too because I left the club with 6 business cards from men wanting some alone time with a shemale domination porn star.

Phone Sex Tranny: Let’s Explore Your Bisexual Fantasies

phone sexPhone sex with a transsexual is an experience you won’t soon forget. I have a pretty face, nice tits, and a beautiful 10-inch cock. Like what you see? I am a good first step in exploring your bisexual fantasies. Most guys who call me have only given head in the minds. They dream of cock in their mouths and their asses. Usually, they are married and consider themselves straight, but there is just an attraction, a fascination with T-girls. My callers are not that different from the men I hook up with. I meet a guy out, he is attracted to me, but unaware of my panty surprise. At first, they are not sure they want to fuck, but when I assure them I will be gentle or it’s our little secret, they relax and let me take over. You have the benefit of knowing my secret. Guys I meet out usually never guess. But they consider the discovery a pleasant present. I am a dominant tranny, however, so don’t think you can treat me like a bitch. Not saying you can’t fuck my tight ass if you have a big cock. I am just saying that you can’t treat me like your bitch. I am your gfe or you mistress, never your bitch. Think you can handle tranny phone sex with me? We can explore your bisexual fantasies together.

Hot Ass Sex with a Sexy Shemale

hot ass sexIt is not hot ass sex unless you are fucking a tranny. I put the hot in the sex and you put the ass in it! I love a tight ass. Guys look at me and think I am submissive because I am so feminine looking. I love surprising men who are expecting a delicate little flower. I also like surprising men who are not expecting a ten inch cock in my panties. I was out with a group of friends last night. One of my friends had a friend visiting him. Now all my friends know my secret. But they don’t tell folks I don’t know out of respect. My friend’s friend was sort of a loud mouth. One of those Make America Great Again guys. The kind of guy I like to fuck with. The club we were at had a transgendered bathroom and this guy ran his mouth about it. He pretty much thinks girls like me are freaks and perverts. He was hitting on me while spewing his ignorance, so clueless about the ten inch dick between my legs. When he suggested we hook up instead of parting ways, I saw it as an opportunity to educate him. My shemale domination porn star side came out when alone at my place. His ass was not as tight as I expected. Was this asshole a closeted tranny lover or just a fag?  Either way, I punished his ass to teach him a lesson. You can’t spot a tranny like he insisted. Now, I may have shown him we are perverts because I made him my bitch for the night. Even though I gave him a hardcore anal fucking, he didn’t fight me. In fact, he begged for it more. They always do. Guys can spew all the hate and ignorance about chicks like me, but when they see my sexy tranny cock, they sing a different tune.

Tranny Phone Sex Surprise for Me

tranny phone sexTranny phone sex is sometimes a surprise. It is not a shemale surprise because they find me looking for a chick with a dick. The surprise is sometimes a caller has a nice huge cock and I will suck it and let him fuck me. I am a dominant tranny, so the only time a man’s cock goes inside me is when it is as big as mine or bigger. Occasionally, I luck out and talk to a guy with a big rod. This happens in my real life more than on the phone. Jamie picked me up in a bar. Honestly, by the way he looked, I was not expecting a big cock. It was a boxer surprise for me. When that big cock popped out of his boxers, instead of saying, “Bend over,” I sat on the couch and opened my mouth.  I am a good cock sucker, it is just I rarely find a good cock to suck. I am not the kind of shemale that lets just anyone make her a bitch. That privilege is reserved for men with nice fat long cocks. Jamie wanted to feel me in his ass and I wanted to fill him in my ass, so we took turns giving each other a hardcore ass fucking. It was one of the best nights in a long time. It is great when some one is worthy of both giving and receiving.

Sexy Shemale Phone Sex Roleplays

shemale phone sexShemale phone sex roleplays have been popular today! I was sunning my self on my rooftop not expecting it to be a busy phone day, but I was wrong. I was happy to interrupt my tanning to satisfy some men with shemale daughter fantasies. I must admit that I find it sexy to be your special daughter.  T-girls are starting to transform at younger and younger ages these days. I was 18 when I started the physical transformation, but I knew as a schoolboy I wanted to be a school girl. I did a couple daddy / daugter roleplays this morning. Think about it. It is a special twist on the typical daddy daughter roleplay. When you add to the mix that I am a dominant tranny phone sex slut, you get a wicked hot roleplay. Daddy sneaks into his baby girl’s bedroom late at night with naughty intentions. Instead of finding a bald little pussy, daddy finds a big hard cock on his angel. The other surprise is that daddy’s girl knows what daddy is up to and decides to punish his ass with her big 10-inch cock. Do you think you would like a special daughter punishing your P daddy ass?

The Tranny Phone Sex Experience

tranny phone sexTranny phone sex is what he wanted, but he wasn’t prepared for my big hard cock in his mouth. Now, I know it was a virtual blowjob, but I had him get something comparable to my 10-inch sexy shemale cock. He had a cucumber about my length but a tad thicker. He wanted to feel the shemale experience. If that is what you want, you must work with me for it to happen. I had Theo get some Vaseline and the biggest garden vegetable he had available. Luckily, his wife loves salads. That big thick cucumber would be the closest fit. He had a virgin ass and a T-girl phone sex fetish. Married man with no tranny experience other than in his mind. Sound like you? Since I am a dominant tranny, I had him suck that garden veggie like it was my dick. Hearing him choke and gag as he tried to swallow a make shift tranny cock, had me humping my pillow as I listened. His slobber all over the cock would work as lube. But saliva alone would not get anything close to my size up his ass. After a good skull fucking, I was ready for his ass. I encouraged him to dip that cucumber in some Vaseline because the slippery the better. Even the real thing needs lots of lube to go up a tight virgin ass. Theo is like most of my callers; he is too afraid to go to a dirty bookstore or a gay bar and get himself the real thing. Being attracted to a sexy shemale phone sex slut like me doesn’t make you gay. Taking my 10 inch cock up your ass and loving it, does however. Theo was bouncing on that cucumber like a seasoned tranny lover with his cock stiff as a board. If you want the tranny experience, I suggest you get some big garden vegetables and give me a call.

Special Mistress Phone Sex: My Cock is Your Punisher

mistress phone sexMistress phone sex with me is special. My major instrument for punishment is my ten inch cock. I meet a lot of bad boys. Bad boys who want a shemale punisher. Before the feds decided that dominatrixes who dealt with bodily fluids were prostitutes, I made quite a living being a shemale mistress. I have a cock; of course, bodily fluids will be exchanged.  I never saw myself as an escort or prostitute. I provided a service. I still do. Too many men, not enough dominant females or shemales to take care of all the losers in the word. I no longer advertise my services. I have plenty of regulars from the old days when dominatrix services were not labeled prostitution.  I have not seen Tony in a couple years. I figured it was a phase for him. He lost my number and has been searching for me. He had a chance encounter with a friend of mine and she gave him my number.  I always enjoyed Tony. He was a shemale domination porn junkie with a huge wallet. A gay masochist with lots of money, is a dominant tranny’s dream.  He gave me a couple grand last night to fuck him up. He needed slave training again. Most likely, he just wanted to act like he did, so I would go rough on him. I had every intention of being hardcore on his ass. The rougher I am, the higher the tip has always been. We started out with some flogging before we moved on to some cock and ball torture. His cock was hard from the pain and humiliation. So was mine. He has a nice cock, but he is a subby bitch, so I fuck his pussy ass and mouth. He has no reciprocal in my life. In the meantime, I am all about dominating you.

Shemale Phone Sex Summer

shemale phone sexShemale phone sex summer is here. That means I live at the pool in skimpy bikinis that make it hard not to know my secret. My loft pad has a rooftop pool, plus there are many pool clubs in town. Yesterday, I woke up and it was a lovely day. I showered, had breakfast and put on one of my new bikinis and went to the roof to catch some rays. My rooftop pool is never crowded. One of the loft owners has his place as an Air BnB rental. His temporary tenet this week, Mike, was on the roof. He was from New Hampshire in town for business. He was slobbering all over me. I rock a bikini. I had a big black hat and sunglasses on, plus I was in heels. He thought I was model. He certainly didn’t think I was a shemale domination porn star. We were the only ones at the pool. He wanted to skinny dip. I have done that before, but usually either when alone or with someone who knows my panty surprise. He was from New Hampshire. You don’t automatically think tranny lover when you think of any state in New England. I was hesitant. This could go ugly, but I tossed caution to the wind and stripped in front of him. When my ten inch cock rolled out like a snake, Mike was shocked. I was shocked by his actions. He fell to his knees and worshiped my throbbing dick. There was only a moment of hesitation before his lips hit the head of my cock. We sucked and fucked in the sun. I have some interesting tan lines. I guess I shouldn’t judge boys from New England. Mike took my cock many times up his ass and down his throat. We have an official date tonight.

Special Dominatrix Phone Sex

dominatrix phone sexI am a special kind of dominitrax phone sex bad ass. I am a chick with a dick in charge. My cock is the punisher of many a sissy boy and poser. Charles found out yesterday what an alpha bitch I can be when I am lied too. He wanted to take me on a boat ride. He came across as a wealthy sugar daddy type. I fell for a poser. His yacht that he wanted to take me on was a fucking row boat. Do I look like the kind of girl who rows a boat on a lake? I was all set for a day of boating on a yacht on the ocean. I was not dressed for a row boat. I could never be dressed for a row boat. His good looks were not enough to get him out of the shit house.  There was no one at the lake, so I ordered him to strip naked. I needed to see what else he was lying about. He had a four inch clitty stick at best. When I met him, he bragged about his yacht sized cock too. It has been awhile since some one duped me so thoroughly. I fucked his ass on the sandy lake beach. It was a hardcore ass fucking he would never forget.  His screams could be heard by all the wildlife because birds started coming out of the trees in droves. I hurled some small dick humiliation slurs as well as calling him a Splenda Daddy. I was pissed, and his ass was feeling every bit of my wrath. I took his clothes and his keys and left him naked and stranded at the lake. He could row his naked sore ass to town. I knew he would be too afraid to admit that he was ass assaulted by a sexy shemale. They all are.

Shemale GFE Phone Sex

gfe phone sexGfe phone sex with a twist is something I enjoy. Many callers think that because I have a cock, I must be a freak and freaks are for fucking, not for loving. That is a far cry from the truth.  One, I am no freak. I am a sexy tranny with a big cock. Two, I am not some subby or desperate bitch just because I am a chick with a dick. Third, I want a relationship like any other girl. I won’t settle. I won’t be a submissive whore just because I am different. I don’t need to be because my phone is always ringing. I am not talking about my phone sex number either. That one rings nonstop regardless if I am available or not, but my cell phone rings constantly too. Every man I meet out and about wants to take me out. Most of those men have no idea that I have a cock in my panties. It is never an issue when they do find out either. I will argue that it makes 95% of the men more attracted to me. Why? Because every man has bisexual fantasies and the discovery that they hit on a transsexual means they hit the lottery. They can explore those fantasies without feeling gay because I look like a woman, and I even have tits. I bet even you are cock curious. I won’t tell anyone. I promise. I love discreet sex with straight men, especially if they have nice cocks and I can be a bottom for once.

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