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Sexy Tranny Phone Sex

tranny phone sexTranny phone sex? Look at me? I bet your cock is hard looking at my selfie and you have not even seen my 10-inch cock yet. This was how I looked before I went out last night. I was in the mood to snag a hot sugar daddy and I did. I always get what I want.  I went to this hotel bar. High end bar, best hotel in town. Easy to pick up rich men there. I wasn’t setting at bar alone for long. Ted set next to me, asked what I was drinking. My drinks the rest of the night were on his tab. We had instant chemistry. Of course, I always spark with married men from out of town who look rich. We did some idle chit chat, the basic get to know you stuff before we were back at his place having drinks and making out. He asked how much. I didn’t know what he meant. Then it dawned on me, he thought I was a pro. I told him I wasn’t an escort, just a sexy T-girl looking for a fun night with a handsome man. He seemed disappointed. I thought he was upset that I had a ten-inch cock. That was not a problem for him. What he was upset about was the fact that I wasn’t a hooker. He gets off on paying women to fuck him.  He enjoys thinking he can’t get laid without payment. Whatever your fetish, I don’t care. I will happily indulge you. Since his fetish was paying for sex, I had no problem taking his money. I took a lot of it too and gave him the biggest jizz shot up his ass. He was just a sugar daddy for the night, but it was a hot encounter. Very profitable too.

Sexy Shemale Phone Sex is Your Late Night Craving

shemale phone sexShemale phone sex is your dirty secret, right? I have noticed a pattern. Even when I am not working, my phone blows up late at night and in the wee hours of the morning. I know why. Married men need to wait until their wives are asleep to get their shemale fix. Being attracted to me doesn’t make you gay. It makes you a man. I am a sexy bitch. Pretty face, soft curves, nice tits. I just happen to have a 10-inch dick. I am a top, but I don’t think of myself as man. I want to be treated like a woman. Not a submissive woman, but a woman you want to spoil and worship. Guys see my first picture and they think hot chick, gfe material. They keep scrolling and the fascination increases. How could a hot chick have a bigger dick than me? Most men don’t call me immediately, but they sleep on it. Wake up to pee in the middle of the night with a hard cock and they can no longer deny me. They sneak off into the bathroom or living room and call me while their wife sleeps. I am happy to be your dirty little secret. I will be the best damn secret you ever had.

Pantyhose Fetish Phone Sex with a Sexy T-Girl

pantyhose fetish phone sexDo you enjoy pantyhose fetish phone sex? You aren’t alone. I hooked up with a tranny and pantyhose lover the other night. I was wearing a pair of red hose as part of a Halloween costume. This guy at the party starred intently at my legs. I mean he couldn’t take his eyes off my legs. They are nice legs, but I knew what had his attention. I wasn’t sure if he knew I was tranny or if he was just into pantyhose. Turns out, he had no clue about my pantyhose surprise. He didn’t care when I told him. In fact, he thought it was extra hot that I had a sexy tranny cock inside of my pantyhose. We went into an empty room to play. My cock made a tent in my pantyhose. I pushed his head underneath the hose. My silky nylons made a hat over his head as he practiced his cock sucking skills. As he was blowing my rod, his hands were caressing my hose. He was getting off on the feel of the nylons and the taste of my cock. He wasn’t the type of guy I let fuck me. He was a total subby bitch boy, but I gave him one hell of a hardcore ass fucking. He could even feel my pantyhose against his ass. I finished him off with a foot job because he begged to cum on my pantyhose. I love indulging kinky fetishes. What is yours?

Tranny Phone Sex All Over the World

tranny phone sexTranny phone sex sluts like me are in demand from men all over the world. I was out of town recently. The hotel I stayed out was filled with men from India. This were very wealthy men too. Some sort of international conference. I thought to myself, women like me couldn’t be common in places like India. Some countries, special women are killed just for being transgendered. Now, I may not go to India, but I would be happy to hook up with a handsome cosmopolitan gentleman from India. I met one in the hotel bar. He had no clue about the 10-inch cock in my panties. Now, I didn’t want to freak him out, so I thought the element of surprise was a bad idea. I took his hand and put it on my throbbing cock. He looked at me with surprise, but it was a happy surprised look. He confided that he has always been curious about shemales. It was his lucky day. I was broadening my horizons and so was he. He was broadening his ass too. I was his shemale domination porn star for the night and his virgin ass was my co-star. He was tight. It was clear his ass had never had more than a medical finger up it. I gave him some poppers to relax him. Poppers are great for anal sex, which is why they are so popular in gay clubs. He enjoyed my cock up his ass, his first cock. We had a great night. I found him charming and sophisticated, not in the slightest bit degrading. He loved getting fucked by a T-girl. He told me he had never cum so hard before, not even with pussy. I have heard that a time or two before. It never gets old. I will make even the straightest man a tranny lover.

I Love Being a Special GFE Phone Sex Babe

gfe phone sexThe gfe phone sex experience with me is not that different than it would be with a natural girl. I love to be spoiled and pampered like any girl. Look at me? I am just as beautiful as a natural born girl too. I am on a few sugar daddy sites. This is one of the private pics I send to potential sugar daddies. No secrets. I am upfront because I never want to be accused of duping a man for his money. Sure, a few men pass, but most of them find my cock a pleasant and welcome surprise. Jason is a 48-year-old doctor. He works long hours and is often on call. Women find his schedule tedious. Many women want a man to be devoted to them around the clock. I just want a man to be devoted to my cock. I don’t need constant attention if I am being spoiled and my cock gets worshiped when we do spend time together.  Jason liked that I had a cock. He liked that I was gorgeous, and no one would know my panty surprise. Since he is too busy for a steady girl, he wants one for parties and events. What is in it for me? I have an expense account. He wines and dines me at the fanciest places. He takes me on trips and shopping sprees. He treats me like a lady. And did I mention he can suck the chrome off a door knob. I am his first cock, well at least that is what he claims. It is hard to believe with the way he worships my sexy tranny cock. He says I make him want to forget pussy and focus on my 10-inch cock. I think I believe him. I have been known to turn a guy. I think if you did a sexy shemale phone sex call with me, I would turn you too.

Shemale Phone Sex Surprise

shemale phone sexShemale phone sex is a surprise to some men. This is my Tinder pic. I’m not flaunting my ten-inch cock. I do note that I am a sexy T-girl looking for men for causal encounters, but I swear guys either don’t read the T-girl part or don’t understand what it means because about every other hook up, a guy acts shocked that I have a dick in my panties.  Jerome was one of the shocked men. Last night we met at a hotel in between. He was a young black man with a cock bigger than mine. He thought he was hooking up with a pretty white woman. He couldn’t believe I wasn’t born a man. He was a little freaked out by my cock, but once I started sucking on his dick, he relaxed and gave in to me. Since he was what I would call my equal with his big black cock, he got to fuck me, and I got to fuck him. He was amazing. He had stamina and he knew how to make me cum even though he had never sucked cock before. His mouth felt like velvet on my cock. His ass was the tightest thing I have had in a long time on my cock too. I was his first cock, but I won’t be his last.

Tranny Phone Sex for Couples

tranny phone sexDo you crave tranny phone sex? If you do, you are not alone. Lots of folks crave a pretty face and a 10-inch cock. I was out at this dive bar last night. Normally, I don’t go to such places because special girls like me are viewed as freaks. I don’t often do well with the redneck crowd. There has been so much rain, that the river flooded, so I wasn’t going anywhere. I was out of booze and I was in the mood for a drink. I dressed down in tight jeans, boots and a baby doll tee. When I walked into the bar, I walked in with confidence. I asked for a 6 pack to go. We have weird liquor laws in Pennsylvania, so I had to have a drink at the bar before I got get beer to go. I sat my hot ass down and ordered a beer. Before long, guys were approaching me. I was leery, so I played it cool. I wasn’t going to go home with anyone. That was until she came in. She was with what appeared to be her husband, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me. She was beautiful and classy. I wanted to be the third wheel with them. When they sat down next to me at the bar, I bought their drinks to break the ice. We had instant chemistry. I took them home to my loft. I wanted a threesome with a couple. When my sexy tranny cock made an appearance, there were some gasps, then slurping sounds on my cock. Both were worshiping my knob. He wanted to see me with his wife and she was exited to have a big dick in her pussy. He was half my size. I made her squirt. He said he never gave his wife a hot squirting pussy before. That is because he isn’t a sexy shemale with a big cock. I will fuck your wife better than you too.

Double Trouble with Mistress Phone Sex

mistress phone sexI am sort of a double mistress phone sex slut. I am a mistress in the sense that I mostly talk to and fuck married men. But I am also a mistress in the sense that I am a dominant tranny. My little sissy slaves must call me Mistress Carla. I like being both kinds of mistress.  One gets me spoiled, the other one gets me deep in your ass. Sometimes I am lucky, and I am both kinds of mistress with the same guy. Meet Trey. He is a 33-year-old shemale lover. He is married, submissive and rich. He has inherited money and loves to spoil sexy shemales. He is not dominant or even equal. He wants nothing more than to be treated like a subby bitch. He is a sissy closet fag. I am sure his poor wife has no clue that he is spending thousands of dollars on tranny phone sex girls like me. He paid me a visit Sunday night, but I turned him away because he came over with no tribute for me. A hot sexy shemale with a big cock deserves a tribute. He came back about an hour later with several pairs of high end shoes. That granted him admission into my kingdom. I made him worship my feet before letting him suck my hard  fat cock. He was shaking with anticipation of having my beautiful cock in his mouth.  I made him lick my ass first, then beg a few times before I skull fucked the loser. The shoes were an annoyance tax. He needs to pay me or give me nice gifts to be in my presence. Some bottom bitches aren’t so annoying. I fuck them in the ass, let them suck my dick then send them on their way. Not all bottom bitches are created equally. Understand, that if you are a bottom or just have a small dick, you may just get fucked and sent away or you may be forced to tribute me to even to talk to you if you are super pathetic.

GFE Phone Sex with the Tranny Lover in Loft C

gfe phone sexI was taking this selfie for my gfe phone sex callers this morning when there was a knock on my door. I thought it was an Amazon delivery, but it was the guy in Loft C. Apparently, he was googling transsexual dating and came across some adult phone sites, including mine. He recognized me immediately. He was honest that he was shemale curious and that he had no clue I had a cock. I hear that all the time, even from men who have seen me in a bikini. I tuck well apparently! I invited him inside my apartment. I was in a sexy bra and panties, but my bathing suits cover less of me, so I wasn’t modest about my attire. He seemed mesmerized by my body. I rarely fuck neighbors because it can get messy if it goes south. Damien wasn’t a typical neighbor, however. He is a rich tech developer who owns a loft in my building just so he has a place to stay when in town for business. Most of the time his place is an Air B and B. He is married and rich and smart and handsome, plus he is here a few times a year. I asked him if he wanted to graduate from looking at tranny porn pictures to tranny fucking? His cock raised his hand for him. I could see the ample bulge in his pants and it was breathtaking. Huge bulge in his pants told me his cock was at least as big as mine. Turns out his cock was bigger than mine. I was willing to be the bottom for him, but like most married men he wanted my cock up his tight asshole. He begged to be fucked. He had the biggest cum load ever he said. I did too, and it went right up his ass. I am glad I broke my rule of fucking neighbors because this morning I woke up to a special delivery of all new high-end electronics for my place. He knows how to spoil a girl.


Tranny Phone Sex Roleplays: Naughty Shemale Secretary

tranny phone sexTranny phone sex roleplays are fun. David is a lawyer and he wants a special secretary. He wants one not for the reasons you might think. He is not a dominant man who wants a pretty secretary, so he can grope her. He wants a dominant tranny to fuck his ass. When he came over Tuesday night, I was dressed as a naughty secretary. He was in his suit because he came straight from work. He had a boner in his suit pants when he saw me dressed in a pencil skirt and white blouse. I knew what he needed after a long day in court. He needed my sexy tranny cock up his tight ass. I bet you do too after a long day of work. I pounded his tight ass as he told me about his stressful day. Before long, he forgot about his bad court day and could only think about my 10 inch tranny dick that was giving him a hardcore ass fucking. I think I like being a sexy shemale secretary. He had so much fun roleplaying with me he offered me a job. I have no qualifications being a legal secretary, however I do know how to fuck a man in the ass. Maybe I should consider changing professions? Nope. I have to much fun fucking ass on the phone.

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