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Double Trouble with Mistress Phone Sex

mistress phone sexI am sort of a double mistress phone sex slut. I am a mistress in the sense that I mostly talk to and fuck married men. But I am also a mistress in the sense that I am a dominant tranny. My little sissy slaves must call me Mistress Carla. I like being both kinds of mistress.  One gets me spoiled, the other one gets me deep in your ass. Sometimes I am lucky, and I am both kinds of mistress with the same guy. Meet Trey. He is a 33-year-old shemale lover. He is married, submissive and rich. He has inherited money and loves to spoil sexy shemales. He is not dominant or even equal. He wants nothing more than to be treated like a subby bitch. He is a sissy closet fag. I am sure his poor wife has no clue that he is spending thousands of dollars on tranny phone sex girls like me. He paid me a visit Sunday night, but I turned him away because he came over with no tribute for me. A hot sexy shemale with a big cock deserves a tribute. He came back about an hour later with several pairs of high end shoes. That granted him admission into my kingdom. I made him worship my feet before letting him suck my hard  fat cock. He was shaking with anticipation of having my beautiful cock in his mouth.  I made him lick my ass first, then beg a few times before I skull fucked the loser. The shoes were an annoyance tax. He needs to pay me or give me nice gifts to be in my presence. Some bottom bitches aren’t so annoying. I fuck them in the ass, let them suck my dick then send them on their way. Not all bottom bitches are created equally. Understand, that if you are a bottom or just have a small dick, you may just get fucked and sent away or you may be forced to tribute me to even to talk to you if you are super pathetic.

GFE Phone Sex with the Tranny Lover in Loft C

gfe phone sexI was taking this selfie for my gfe phone sex callers this morning when there was a knock on my door. I thought it was an Amazon delivery, but it was the guy in Loft C. Apparently, he was googling transsexual dating and came across some adult phone sites, including mine. He recognized me immediately. He was honest that he was shemale curious and that he had no clue I had a cock. I hear that all the time, even from men who have seen me in a bikini. I tuck well apparently! I invited him inside my apartment. I was in a sexy bra and panties, but my bathing suits cover less of me, so I wasn’t modest about my attire. He seemed mesmerized by my body. I rarely fuck neighbors because it can get messy if it goes south. Damien wasn’t a typical neighbor, however. He is a rich tech developer who owns a loft in my building just so he has a place to stay when in town for business. Most of the time his place is an Air B and B. He is married and rich and smart and handsome, plus he is here a few times a year. I asked him if he wanted to graduate from looking at tranny porn pictures to tranny fucking? His cock raised his hand for him. I could see the ample bulge in his pants and it was breathtaking. Huge bulge in his pants told me his cock was at least as big as mine. Turns out his cock was bigger than mine. I was willing to be the bottom for him, but like most married men he wanted my cock up his tight asshole. He begged to be fucked. He had the biggest cum load ever he said. I did too, and it went right up his ass. I am glad I broke my rule of fucking neighbors because this morning I woke up to a special delivery of all new high-end electronics for my place. He knows how to spoil a girl.


Tranny Phone Sex Roleplays: Naughty Shemale Secretary

tranny phone sexTranny phone sex roleplays are fun. David is a lawyer and he wants a special secretary. He wants one not for the reasons you might think. He is not a dominant man who wants a pretty secretary, so he can grope her. He wants a dominant tranny to fuck his ass. When he came over Tuesday night, I was dressed as a naughty secretary. He was in his suit because he came straight from work. He had a boner in his suit pants when he saw me dressed in a pencil skirt and white blouse. I knew what he needed after a long day in court. He needed my sexy tranny cock up his tight ass. I bet you do too after a long day of work. I pounded his tight ass as he told me about his stressful day. Before long, he forgot about his bad court day and could only think about my 10 inch tranny dick that was giving him a hardcore ass fucking. I think I like being a sexy shemale secretary. He had so much fun roleplaying with me he offered me a job. I have no qualifications being a legal secretary, however I do know how to fuck a man in the ass. Maybe I should consider changing professions? Nope. I have to much fun fucking ass on the phone.

End of Summer Pool Party with Tranny Phone Sex!

tranny phone sexTwo things I love most: tranny phone sex and summer. I hate to see summer end. I live in my bikini during the summer. I have a rooftop pool and in between calls, I am there tanning my sexy body all summer long. The pool will be closing soon, so I decided to have my own end of summer party up there. I am the only loft resident who uses it regularly. Many of the condos in my building are used as Air Bnbs, so I get lots of fresh meat week to week. I posted a flyer in the common area about a rooftop end of summer party hosted by me and that all guests were invited. I had a picture of me in a bikini on the flyer. They had no clue about my special nature. No one does, even with my sexy ten-inch cock tucked nicely in my bikini bottom. I am a shemale domination porn star, but no one guesses that when they look at me. My end of the summer pool party was a success. It was me and about 30 others. Now, most were guys, but a few were chicks. Either girls alone staying in one of the lofts or the partner of a guy. I don’t discriminate. I will fuck a girl just like I will a guy. Once everyone was drunk, I turned the party into a naked pool party. Folks were in shock when they saw my sexy tranny cock. One of the girls just blurted out, “Omg she’s a tranny. I want her cock.”  She swam over to me and gave me head under water. She had great cock sucking skills. Everyone followed her. I had a train of men and women sucking my tranny cock. I fucked as many of them as I could. My cock was in asses, mouths and pussies. It was a great way to say goodbye to summer.

shemale domination porn

Shemale Phone Sex for Married Men

shemale phone sexShemale phone sex can be for you even if you are married and straight. All the guys I talk to on the phone; most of the men I hook up with off the phone are straight and married. Gay guys want gay men. Straight men want sexy T-girls like me. I am all woman with a little something extra. So, it isn’t little. Ten inches is not little, especially when it is up your ass or in your mouth. Tommy didn’t know I was a special girl when he asked me out. I know I am passible but when you meet me in a bisexual bar, I assume you know my secret. He thought I had a gay BFF lol. Tommy is married. He was looking for a no strings encounter with a sexy girl for a night. He got it, but he got a little more too.  He got all ten inches of my little more up his ass. He didn’t think he could handle a hardcore ass fucking from a tranny girl, but once I was in balls deep, he was begging for more. All married men beg for more of my sexy tranny cock. Tommy is just one of many married men to fall in love with my panty surprise. You will too.

Shemale Phone Sex GFE Morning Sex

shemale phone sex
Shemale phone sex in the morning is better than coffee to get your day started. I rarely let a man spend the night with me. Most men are bottom beta bitches. Just a tight hole for my 10-inch sexy tranny cock. Once in a blue moon, I meet a man who is worthy of an entire night with me. Armand is an Italian designer in town for a fashion show. We met by chance and he thought I was all woman. He was pleasantly surprised to discover my secret, however. I rarely let men fuck my ass, but Armand is sexy, sophisticated, wealthy and endowed. Most men I fuck are losers with small dicks and I use their asses as cum receptacles. Armand wined and dined me. He took me shopping and gave me thousands of dollars’ worth of his clothes that I rock. He wanted to spend the night, so I let him. His cock was awake this morning before he was. Men of all nationalities get morning wood. I did most of the fucking last night, so this morning, I lifted myself onto his cock and showed him my cowgirl moves. It was a very sensual fuck, not like the hardcore ass fucking I usually get or give. It was romantic and sensual and gave me one of the hardest cums I have ever had with a cock in my ass. He said in Italy, women never want to fuck in the morning. I don’t get that personally because I am the horniest in the morning. What about you? We spent the morning in bed before he had to leave for a practice run of his show. I will get to spend the weekend with him because he is extending his stay here to spend more time with me. I do love to be spoiled and pampered. Do you have what it takes to spoil me?

Romantic Phone Sex with a T-Girl

romantic phone sexRomantic phone sex is what a T girl does best. Guys love spoiling me just to get to my panty surprise. I let them too. I have been dating a fat cat named David. He made it rich off some wise investments, including Starbucks and now he spends his money on sexy trannies like me. I like to be taken care off and he likes a pretty girl with big dicks on his arm at social events. The crowd he runs with wouldn’t understand a girl like me. I keep secrets because when we get back to his place or his hotel, his ass is mine. I am no subby bitch. I am a dominant tranny who loves to fuck a tight ass after a night of being wined and dined as a high-class girl. The guys I date are mostly subby men who want a sexy t girl like me giving them a hardcore ass fucking. Does that sound like you? Many men want to be dominated by a chick like me. I won’t tell anyone how much you like me fucking your tight ass with my 10 inch cock if you suck my cock and rim my asshole like a good little bitch.

Exhibitionist Phone Sex in the Morning

exhibitionist phone sexExhibitionist phone sex is for special girls too. I love showing off my special package. I was in a hotel this week because I was traveling. It was a beautiful day the first day there, so I sat on the edge of the balcony naked and showed off my fine body. It was early, but my cock was up before me. I love to stroke outside. I love to be watched too. I wasn’t sure if I had neighbors or not and if I did I had no clue about ages or sexual orientations. I have found that men and women of all ages love seeing my sexy tranny cock.  I just love stroking my cock in front of an audience. I got lost in the sensation of the crisp air against my cock that I neglected to look up and see who was watching me. It was a young boy. I put my finger to my lips so he knew it was our secret. That was right before the biggest cum shot hit the glass door of his hotel room. He was watching in awe like he didn’t know what he was watching. He clearly liked the show because he was tugging on his little dick watching me tug on my big one. It was a good way to the start the day.

Special GFE Phone Sex

gfe phone sexGfe phone sex with a special girl will be the hottest gfe fun you have ever had. I look like a woman. I am a woman except for my 10-inch cock. I have soft curves, round breasts, a pretty face and long feminine hair. When you see me at a club, you can’t guess my panty secret. It wouldn’t even enter your mind that I might have a big dick tucked inside my Victoria Secret panties. Todd thought I was a 100% natural born woman, even though he was in a bisexual bar. He was looking for a tranny he told me, but then he found me. I thought about telling him, but that would ruin the surprise. He was looking for a hot T-girl. I think he just thought he would be able to recognize one easily. We danced, drank and got to know each other. When we went back to his place, he thought he was “settling” for a hot woman. When my sexy tranny cock made an appearance, he was beyond happy and very shocked. He always wanted a T-girl, but he sure as fuck thought he could spot one a mile away. He was pleasantly surprised when I had a bigger cock than him. He begged to be my ass slave. I gave him a hardcore ass fucking he won’t soon forget. He has been texting me all morning to hook up again. Once you go tranny, you don’t go back.

Shemale Phone Sex Stripper

shemale phone sexShemale phone sex is an honest living. Special girls like me are rarely in the traditional work force. My shemale friends are in the adult sex industry too. Emerald is my closest T-girl friend. She recently started dancing at a high-end Gentleman’s club. It is an exotic dancing club but much more. They sell cigars and steak dinners. Only top-shelf liquor, no fruity drinks either. It’s mostly bourbon, gin, vodka and the ilk. The club has mostly traditional female strippers 18-30 working there. There is one tranny and one MILF, but they need more fetish dancers, especially for the private dinner parties. A local bigwig with a tranny fetish booked the entire club for a night for a party. He only wanted T-girl strippers, however, so I did Emerald a favor. I was going to be compensated and I love to flirt and drain wallets. Two sexy trannies could entertain 20 men. These guys were smoking Rocky Patel cigars, eating steak dinners and drinking fine Kentucky bourbon. At first, we walked around in sexy clothes lighting cigars and making small talk. We got dicks hard too. After dinner, the stripping fun began. These were wealthy businessmen with either a tranny cock curiosity or downright fetish. Either way, I didn’t mind if I was getting tipped. One guy monopolized me. Said I was the hottest woman he ever saw. Kept tipping me in 100s for lap dances. The night wasn’t even half over and Emerald, and I had over a couple grand in tips alone. Because it was a private party and we were requested, we also got 10% of the food and booze sales a piece. Easiest money I have ever made. Fun too because I left the club with 6 business cards from men wanting some alone time with a shemale domination porn star.

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