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Special GFE Phone Sex

gfe phone sexDo you enjoy GFE phone sex? What about a sexy GFE with a twist? Can you guess my special secret? Most guys don’t know I have a panty surprise, but when they find out, they are pleasantly surprised. I love being spoiled and pampered. I consider myself a princess. I live my life as a woman. The only thing not feminine about me is my 10 inch cock. I keep it shaved but let’s be honest; my cock is bigger than the majority of men I date. It makes them want to spoil me like I had a bald cunt. I can make them feel better with a cock, however. I am the best of both worlds. Rudy is my latest sugar daddy. He is some financial wizard. Makes people millions and they reward him handsomely for it. He likes to pamper girls, especially special girls. He is a client of one of my T-girl friends. She is an escort, but when he met me, he made it clear he wanted to spoil me. I can’t say no to fancy dinners and shopping trips. I also can’t say no when men beg me to fuck their asses. We go out with his friends, but they don’t know about my panty surprise. Afterwards, we are back at his house and he is servicing my cock with his mouth and ass. I like him. He is smart, funny and kind, not to mention wealthy. His dick is not small. It is not 10 inches either, but as long as he continues to spoil me, I will continue to give him the hardcore ass fucking he wants. I think it makes some men feel better about getting fucked in the ass when the person doing the fucking looks like me. What do you think?

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Mistress Phone Sex

mistress phone sexMistress phone sex with me means a couple things. First, I love married men. I have no problem being a side piece of ass and cock. Married men know how to spoil and pamper me in the way I want. Girlfriends get treated better than wives, which is why I always want to be the girlfriend. If a man is not a manly man, he gets the other mistress treatment. I need real men to pamper and spoil me. Losers with small wallets and even smaller dicks, get me as a mistress as in a hardcore domintrax. I have a soft, sweet GFE side for married men who like their girls to have a little something extra in their panties. I am a shemale domination porn star for broke ass losers. Tony talked a big game on Tinder. Told me he was wealthy and wanted to wine and dine me. When I met him at this fancy roof top restaurant, he was nothing like he described. I towered over him in my heels, so he wasn’t over 6 feet like he said. His credit card declined for dinner, so he wasn’t rich either. I was set to leave him at the restaurant with a bill he couldn’t pay, but I decided to make him pay for it with his ass. He was dumber than a box of rocks to think I would let him fuck me after sticking me with the dinner tab. He was going to be the one that got fucked.  Fucked hard in his ass while wearing a collar and a mouth gag. I knew his ass would be tight. I didn’t want his screams to worry my neighbors. I fucked him for 225 minutes, which was the total of the bill for dinner. He had to crawl home after the hardcore ass fucking I gave him. Maybe that will make him think twice about taking a hot bitch to dinner and making her pay the bill.

Tranny Phone Sex Fantasies

tranny phone sexTranny phone sex is my specialty. That should be obvious lol. I mean, I am a chick with a dick. Guys call me for all kinds of calls, however. I even get special mommy calls. Guys like discovering that their mom or step mom is not exactly who they thought. I did this sexy role play last night with a guy who fantasized about his mom having a big dick. I caught him masturbating. Instead of the typical mommy fantasy where mommy strokes her son’s cock for him, I showed him how to masturbate. If mommy has a 10 inch cock, it is very easy to model good jack off technique. I don’t play mommy often, for the obvious reason, but it gets me thinking. I would like to get married someday. I would adopt or be a step mommy, but I want to be a mommy. If I had a son, I would show him how to masturbate. We would watch guided masturbation porn together and I could tell him what girls want and enjoy! If I had a girl, I could teach her how to suck a cock. I could tell her how to attract boys. I would raise her to be dominant and to never settle for small cock. Being a phone tranny has helped me explore things I never considered hot before, like motherhood.  Just because I am a sexy shemale, doesn’t mean I can’t deliver all sorts of hot fantasies

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Shemale Domination Porn

shemale domination pornI fancy myself a shemale domination porn star. I am a take charge kind of chick with a dick. I see a man with a little dick who thinks he is the shit and that he has what I need, I show him what he needs. My 10 inch throbbing cock up his ass. Well, backdoor pussy if he has a small dick. Men think that because I am a sexy shemale, I am a freak or submissive or desperate. I am none of those things. My duality makes me stronger, more confident. This little prick was taking shit about T-girls at the bar last night while hitting on me. He was clearly clueless. I brought him home and gave him the dominant tranny experience. I am not just a dominant tranny phone sex slut. In my personal life, I take no shit either. This little prick got the surprise of his life when he discovered my panty surprise. I enjoyed fucking his ass, calling him my little faggot. Oddly, he enjoyed it. It is always the haters that want a ten inch cock up their back door too. I taught my sissy bitch some manners and filled him up with cum. He is coming over again tonight. I think he liked my cock up his ass.

Looking for Tranny Phone Sex?

tranny phone sexTranny phone sex is searched daily. It is a popular fetish. I understand many of my callers would never fuck a tranny in real life, but there is a small percentage of my callers who have real shemale experience. I tell my fantasy tranny lovers that once you go tranny, you don’t go back. I am just not any transsexual. I have a ten inch cock, a pretty face, and a rock hard body. I get hit on constantly by men who are shocked to discover I have a cock. Men who have never even consider having sex with a shemale. Men who have never searched for shemale phone sex. Yet, they don’t let the fact that I have a cock stop them from fucking; not even the married men. I have had a few men totally freak out over my cock, but it has been just a handful of guys who freaked. You wouldn’t freak out, because you want my cock. You need my cock. You need it up your ass. When I meet men, who are pleasantly surprised by my pretty cock, they beg for it up their asses. I love giving virgin guys their first special ass fucking. Rarely, do you experience the pleasure of a big cock deep in your ass giving you a prostate massage? When my hand reaches around to stroke your cock simultaneously, you will have the biggest cum of your life. What are you waiting for? I will help you get the real thing in your city.

Phone Sex Tranny

phone sexI am not just a phone sex tranny. I am a real life transsexual. I thought about going full girl. I wanted to be a girl ever since I was young. When a doctor told me that because my cock was so big I might have desensitization if I got a pussy, I said fuck that. I love sexual pleasure too much to lose any sense of pleasure. I kept my cock, got some tits and became a T-girl. The funny thing is that as a guy, I was submissive. As a woman, however, I am a sexy dominatrix. I love being in charge. I find having a 10 inch cock and tits gives me power I didn’t know I had. Guys love falling to their knees to worship my cock. I’m not talking your typical fag either. Married men. Men who consider themselves straight go weak for me. I have Jerry on the hook right now. I met him a few weeks ago at Starbucks. He didn’t know my secret, but he was persistent. He wanted me to be his mistress. He wanted me even more when he saw my cock. There is something about my cock that makes straight men weak. They want me more when they discover my panty surprise. Jerry has been spoiling me for a week now. In exchange, I give him a hardcore ass fucking like a little bitch and he loves it. What about you? Would you love being my bitch too?

You Find Me Looking for Tranny Phone Sex

tranny phone sexNo one finds me by accident. They find me looking for tranny phone sex. Yet, not a day goes by I don’t get a caller who acts surprised to discover I have a cock. If you have my phone number, you saw my pictures. I am not trying to hide my sexy ten inch cock. I get it though. Guys aren’t always comfortable admitting they like my cock. They want to play a game where I convince them they want it or I force them to take it. Either way, I get to cum, so I will play your game. For the record, because you like a sexy T-girl, doesn’t mean you are gay. Most of the men I hook up with off the phone are straight. Does that surprise you? I am just a pretty girl with a rocking body who happens to have a cock. I know it is a big cock, but it is feminine. I get a Brazilian wax every month to keep it hairless. Think of it as a very big clit if that makes you feel better about sucking cock. I have several lovers, patrons really. Married men who enjoy a special girl and all that she offers, who just convince themselves they are licking a huge clit. I am very girly. I dress like a girl. I shop like a girl. I act like a girl. I look like a girl. I live like a girl. I can do things other women cannot. I can drain your prostate. I can make you submissive. I can make you weak. Tell yourself whatever you need to, so you are comfortable with the fact that I have a big cock. I really am nothing more than a special GFE phone sex girl who wants to be spoiled and pampered.

Sexy Dominatrix Phone Sex with a Twist

dominatrix phone sexWhat I offer is dominatrix phone sex with a twist. I am a very special mistress. I subdue men with my ten inch cock. I can be a sensual dominatrix, or a badass BDSM bitch. It all depends on you. Louie is one of my pain slut sissy boys. I see him twice a week in exchange for gift cards to pamper myself with. I am not always so extreme with men, but Louie is no man. He is a limp dick sissy boy who needs pain and humiliation like I need oxygen. When he was down on his knees worshiping my cock, he nicked my dick with his teeth. I know him well. He did it on purpose, so I would get rough with him. Skull fucking him was not enough pain and humiliation. I pissed down his throat first. I like watching the face he makes as he tries to swallow my load of salty urine. Once he swallowed my golden nectar, I ordered him on all fours. I was going to fuck his sissy hole, just not with my sexy tranny cock. I fisted his sissy hole instead. I didn’t even use lube. He didn’t deserve my gentleness. He didn’t want it either. What he got was my fist so far up his ass, for a moment he thought I might pull his lungs out too. He came so hard from the pain. Mostly, I am a sensual dominatrix; but, if you are a total loser and sissy bitch, you will get the bad BDSM shemale domination porn star treatment.

All Tranny Gang Bang Phone Sex

gang bang phone sexGang bang phone sex has a different meaning when you get me and a few of my special girlfriends together. I have a few tranny friends. Birds of a feather and all. We have an annual holiday tradition. After we all do the Christmas dinner obligations with our families, we hook up for drinks. This year, we got super drunk. Two of my sexy T-girl besties have complicated family dynamics that resulted in a Jerry Springer Christmas for them, so I was liberal with the Tequila shots. Didn’t take us long before we were all super drunk. We couldn’t find any hot guys at the club to bring home; at least not enough hot guys for us all. There were 4 sexy trannies and one hot guy. We are true girlfriends. We never fight over a man. We decided to go back to my place and fuck. Does the idea of 4 sexy T-girls having an orgy get your cock hard? You would have loved to be a fly on the wall in my bedroom. None of us have dick issues. I am the biggest of my special friends at 10 inches, but we all have nice cocks. We did a train. One cock in an ass then the other in ass and so on. We switched it up, so everyone’s ass got some cock. We don’t usually play together, but Tequila makes our clothes fall off and the pickings were slim on Christmas. I will fuck a fellow shemale before I fuck some ugly guy with a small cock any day. My girlfriends agree. I have a big California king bed so, all four of us were able to sleep in my bed together. We had a sexy shemale spoon train going on. We enjoyed ourselves. We all came hard, just now I am horny for a real man.

Shemale Phone Sex Suprise Christmas

shemale phone sexShemale phone sex surprise is what he got for Christmas. He had no idea about me. Guys say that all the time, but I rarely believe them. Ted seemed genuinely shocked when he discovered I had a cock after we were making out in his car. It was our first date. Now, I didn’t meet him through friends or on a shemale dating site or even at a gay club. I met him at the mall while Christmas shopping. He is a young widow and single father. Not my typical type, but he said my face was the first face to make him smile in a long time. I love a romantic, sweet man. I was putty in his hands after that. He didn’t get mad at me, but he was clearly in shock and needed some time. We parted that night friendly, but I didn’t think I would hear from him again. Two days later he texted me a long apology and wanted to meet. Turns out, Ted called someone for tranny phone sex and watched some tranny porn. He said I was hotter and more convincing as a woman than any of the shemales he saw online. Flattery was his strong suit. I guess he got aroused watching shemale porn and talking to another lady like myself. He wanted a second chance. He wanted to see my cock. He must have gotten some cock sucking pointers from his phone sex tranny because he curled my toes. Turns out he had a nice cock too. I am usually a top, but for Ted, I was a sexy little switch. I sucked his cock then fucked his ass. Ted felt good in my mouth but not as good as his ass felt on my cock. I thought I was naughty this year, but to get such a nice Christmas package, I must have been nice!

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