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tranny phone sexTranny phone is a popular dirty secret for many men, especially married men. Even when I am meeting people through friends or out and about, it is mostly married men who pursue me. I was at the grocery store over the weekend and met Leo. He knew I was a T-girl. We have mutual friends and have met before. He is married and was eager to have some cock. Every time I have met him, his wife was with him, so he said he couldn’t tell me how he really felt about me. At the store he was alone, and his wife was at work. He seemed so desperate for my dick. I didn’t want to deny him. He was cute and I was horny. We got our groceries and went to my place for some afternoon delight. Leo has a nice cock. He was not a tiny dick loser like many cock curious men. He sucked my cock better than many too. He claims it was his first time, but I doubted that. When I fucked his ass, I knew it was untouched. He was way too tight. He wanted me in him balls deep, so I pushed myself all the way in. He felt amazing. Been awhile since I had an ass that tight. It was a hot afternoon interlude. Chance encounters are always the best.

Shemale Domination Porn Star

shemale domination pornWhen you fancy yourself a shemale domination porn star, you film your sexy encounters. Tom had no clue I was filming him. He is a dirty ass worshiper. He has been my bitch for a year now. I met him at a Barnes and Noble last year. I knew he was married, but that has never stopped me. When I want something, I get it. He had bisexual fantasies, so he was happy to discover I had a cock. We started off slow, fancy dates in towns a few counties away, so his wife would never discover us. We would make out like horny teens. I taught him how to suck my cock. Turns out he is a great cock sucker. Within a few months he was begging for his first hardcore ass fucking. Now, he is a full-fledged sissy slave bitch. I had a rare encounter last night with a man with a bigger cock than me. I let him fuck my tight tranny ass. He left a huge load of cum inside me, so I texted Tom to come over for a treat. He spent the evening with me licking my ass. He got every drop of cum from my ass out too. I was impressed. I turned a married business man into my creampie sissy bitch. I bet I can turn you into a sissy fag too.

Mistress Phone Sex with a Twist

mistress phone sexMistress phone sex with a twist? Does that sound good to you? It sounds good to a lot of men. I am a dominant tranny. Now, if you are my equal, I can be a switch, but so few men are my equal. I have a ten-inch cock and a rocking body! I was at the gym yesterday working out. This guy started hitting on me and he was well out of his league. He wanted to help me with my workout, but I know what I am doing. I found his patronizing annoying. He was taking none of my hints to get lost. Finally, I made him think his persistence paid off. I invited him back to my place. Not so he could fuck me, but so I could fuck him. I knew he had a tight little ass. He was clueless that I had a dick. He wasn’t too happy with my surprise, but I never let that stop me. When he tried to exit my apartment, I showed him just how strong I am. I might have gone nicer on him, but he came on strong, wouldn’t leave me alone and now that he knew my panty surprise, he wanted to bail on me? He got a hardcore ass fucking instead. I railed his ass too. He started crying like a bitch at first, but soon he caved. Like all little bitches, he started to love every moment of this dominant sexy tranny cock in his ass.

Tranny Phone Sex Mistress

tranny phone sexTranny phone sex for the holidays is the best gift you can get! Rico was happy with his package-my big 10-inch cock. I met him at the grocery store the night before Christmas. He was following me around like a lost puppy. I could tell he was a sissy boy or maybe just a total fag, but I didn’t have time to play. I gave him my card and he called me later that night. I told him I was a T-girl. All he cared about was that I was dominant. He wanted an in charge woman. He scored with this sexy tranny. I am always in charge, especially with sissy bitches. I showed up at his place last night after some holiday fun with my family. I was dressed as a sexy Santa’s helper and I dressed Rico as a naughty elf. He felt like an Elf on the Shelf because he was way shorter than me. I made him undress me since I was his present. That was followed by some rough oral. I made him suck my cock until he drained my nuts. Usually, his mistresses are women, so this was a first for him. He did great for never swallowing cum. Or, so he claimed. He was obviously good at sucking my 10-inch package, so I doubted his virgin dick story. As I was waiting to get hard again, I tossed him over my knee for some bare bottom spankings. He had a nice little white ass that I made bright pink after a few minutes. I was getting hard again quickly. Do you like BDSM phone sex? Rico has the love for BDSM games now because I tied him up like a little bitch and fucked his ass while slapping a collar around his neck that said Pet. He won’t be walking right for a while. I just gave him what he wanted. I will give you the same thing.

BDSM phone sex

Tranny Phone Sex in a Blizzard

tranny phone sexI have a hot tranny phone sex story for you. We got a bunch of snow the other night. I hate being snowed in. I bundled myself up and walked to my neighborhood café. Bundled up like a ski bunny, no one could see my sexy body. No one would ever guess my secret who didn’t know me already. When I walked in, I happy to see other people. This older man was helping me out of my jacket. He bought my coffee. He was a stranded traveler who couldn’t get to NYC until the airport opened. He offered me a ride home. He had a rental truck and it would save me trekking a mile back in the snow. The problem was that my road was blocked off. The snow was too high and had not been plowed yet. He took a long way and we got stuck. No one was out, and I had no signal on my phone. I told him to bundle up and we could walk to my loft. It wasn’t that far with a short cut through the alley. When we got to my place, we got out of our wet clothes. He was shocked when I was naked in front of him with my dick hanging out. He had no idea that his damsel in distress had a sexy tranny cock. I started stroking his cock to warm us both up. He was a handsome man with a huge cock. I was making his cock feel good, so he relaxed to enjoy the sensation of my hand. Eventually, he enjoyed the sensation of my mouth on his dick and then he enjoyed my cock up his ass. I gave him the biggest cum shot. He spent the night until we could get a tow truck to come up the next day. Of course, while a blizzard was going on outside, we were fucking inside.

Sexy Phone Sex Tranny

phone sexI am not just a phone sex tranny. I am a full-blown sexy ass T-girl. Guys ask me all the time if I really have a dick. That is not CGI or air brushed. I am not wearing a prosthetic. That is 100% natural cock. I wanted to do the entire sex re-assignment surgery, but my cock was too big for there not to be complications like sexual dysfunction. I love cumming, so I kept my dick and got some tits. I look good, don’t I? I am no submissive T-girl, however. I am an alpha gal. Consider me your shemale domination porn star. I will fuck your backdoor pussy so good, you will be begging for more. Trust me. Married, straight, gay, bi, all men get addicted to my sexy tranny cock up their tight backdoor pussies.  I love all men too. Guys with big dicks may get to fuck me, but let’s be honest, most men don’t have a cock like mine. That means I fuck a lot of asses. Will yours be one of them?

Mistress Phone Sex Threesome

mistress phone sexI had an interesting encounter a few days ago. A woman paid me money to dominate her husband. I do mistress phone sex calls often, so I was up for this challenge. Normally, I only take money to talk dirty. But this was not a man I would ever even talk to for free. If a wife wants me to dominate her loser husband, and she wants to pay me, well, that is a no brainer choice. She wanted to watch. That added a level of eroticism to our arrangement. His wife was hot as fuck. She must have married him for his money because it wasn’t for his dick. I tied him up and ordered him to suck my dick. I made him lick my ass too. He was a good brown noser. He had his tongue way up my ass like a good bitch. Some cock and ball torture was in order too. Her little sissy bitch husband loved the pain and humiliation. I discovered quickly, that the worse I treated him, the harder his little nub got. In my opinion, he was enjoying the CBT fun too much. That is when I turned my attention to his lovely wife. He was not happy she was getting my dick. Technically, she hired me to dominate him, not fuck his loser ass. I think he had shemale fever. So, did his wife, and she was a fine Latina babe. I gave her my ten-inch sexy tranny cock. I made her cum better than her loser husband ever could. That was the ultimate humiliation.

Dominant Tranny Phone Sex

tranny phone sexTranny phone sex needs take over when you see my sexy pics. You see this feminine face and body, then you see my panty surprise and you must call. I have heard that a time or two in my life. Married men love me the most. I enjoy being a dirty little secret. In my real life, however, I demand to be front and center. I have been seeing this married man for a couple months. He was in town on business, extended business. The fact that he is married was never truly felt until his business in my town was over. Now, he is back home, but he didn’t sever all ties. He texts me, calls me, does late night Skype sessions with me and still spoils me with gift cards and stuff. I have started seeing other men and when I told him, he got super jelly and possessive, so I had to check him. A married man with a dirty little secret can’t dictate my life. I told him leave his wife, move to my town, then maybe he will have a say. He surprised me last night with a visit. He didn’t leave his wife, but he thought he could lay down the law with me. He was talking to the wrong woman for that shit. I gave him a hardcore ass fucking to remind him who oversees my life. You can have the biggest cock and all the money in the world, but you will never own me. I think I just made him love me more with my dick up his ass. I have fucked his ass many times before, but this was rough, angry sex. I was putting him in his place. Turns out he loves being a bitch more than a sugar daddy. We came to an agreement. I fuck who I want, and he tributes me weekly. Win win. Don’t ever try to domme a sexy dominant T-girl. You will be out of your league with me.

Smoking Fetish Phone Sex with a Sexy Shemale

smoking fetish phone sexDo you enjoy smoking fetish phone sex calls? I enjoy a cigarette after I have fucked a tight ass. I will not lie; nothing feels better after I have exploded in your ass, then puffing on a cigarette. I had a late night hook up last night after family Thanksgiving. I met this guy in the grocery store earlier in the day and we hooked up after we both did the family thing. He was from out of town. He was married but I didn’t care. I just wanted to fuck his tight ass. He had no shemale experience. I gave him some poppers, so he could relax. He wanted my cock up his ass, but he was all tense about it too. Poppers are the best drug before you get a hardcore ass fucking. That is why gay guys are the number one user of poppers. One sniff and your asshole relaxes to take a big cock. I lubed my cock up with some KY and pushed into his tight asshole. I heard him moan loudly as I made my way deep inside his ass. He was tight, but he was relaxing the more I fucked his ass. I came inside him super hard, which made him cum. Feeling my nuts explode in his virgin ass made him spontaneously combust. At that moment, I had to smoke. I blew my smoke rings seductively in his face and he loved it. He had more than a cock fetish.  He had a smoking fetish too. My blowing smoke rings in his face got his cock hard again in no time. Round two, I fucked him on his back as I smoked. I wanted him to see me going in and out of his tight ass, as well as see my smoke rings. I blew another big load inside him. What is your phone sex fetish?

Tranny Phone Sex for Fags

tranny phone sexTranny phone sex calls keep me busy. Chicks with dicks are often in adult industry type jobs. We need to work where we can be open about our sexuality. I tried to be a secretary, but it was the same old shit. I either got bullied or sexually harassed. I have done lots of fetish modeling which led to a career as a dirty talker. Personally, this is the job made for me because I am in charge. Guys calling me want to be with a dominant tranny, one who will take control and guide them through their first shemale encounter.  When you call me, you know you want shemale phone sex. You know I have a big dick. You call me because you want me to fuck your ass. You want me to own you and make you my bitch. My days of being someone’s joke are long gone. Any guy who tries to diss me gets my 10-inch cock up his ass. Just ask James. I met him last night. He was hitting on me at the bar. Once he found out I had a dick, he was a jackass. We were in his hotel room and he called me names. I decided he needed to learn some manners. I fucked his disrespectful ass until he was begging for mercy. The harder I fucked him, however, the less he fought me. I think he soon discovered who the real fag in the room was. Perhaps you have no illusions and already know you are a fag?

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