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Shemale Domination Porn

shemale domination pornWhen you are a shemale domination porn star, you are in high demand. Men love me to dominate them. I like to take back door pussies, so it works for me. Oscar is a repeat flyer. He loves himself a sexy tranny cock up his ass. He texted me last night begging to get his faggot ass fucked. How could I not do it? He has a tiny ass. Tight still, even though I fuck the hell out it often. I made him worship my ass first and suck my cock. I am the queen with little faggot boys. I make them worship my ass and cock first. Then, I fuck them. Hard too. I am all about a hardcore ass fucking, especially in a faggot ass. Oscar buried his face in my ass licking my taint and everything else in between. He is a well-trained faggot boy. I was so ready to pound his ass afterwards too. I pounded him flat. I fucked him so hard he was sprawled out like a pancake on my bed. He put a hole in my mattress! His cock, although not big, was fucking hard as a rock. That is because he had my sexy tranny cock up his ass for hours. Want your turn?

Tranny Phone Sex Birthday Orgy

tranny phone sexI have tranny phone sex friends. Every sexy shemale has other sexy shemale friends. We tend to run in packs like wolves. One of my T-girl friends has this sugar daddy boyfriend. He had a fantasy of having three sexy trannies for his birthday. Avery made it happened. She called me up and Dani, her two closest T-girl friends. We made her boyfriend’s year by giving him three sexy cocks at once. I had the biggest cock out of everyone in the room, including Avery’s boyfriend. He didn’t seem to mind. He liked that a hot shemale had a bigger dick. Avery is not huge, but she has a pretty dick. Same for Dani. We made the birthday boy suck three dicks at once. That is like a new level for even the biggest cock sucking faggot around. He managed it with little difficulty. He took all three of us at once too. Avery and Dani put two cocks in his ass. I just skull fucked him. Because I am thick too, he admitted to being afraid of my cock up his ass. No worries, I just skull fucked him. Once Avery and Dani gaped his ass and gave him the biggest cum shot, however, I had my cock buried inside it. He loved it. He said it was better than a prostate exam. I drained him completely. We all did. We even drained his wallet. It might have been his birthday, but it was our cocks in his holes.

Light Bondage Porn with a Sexy T-Girl

light bondage pornI was watching some light bondage porn with a lover last night. I use the term lover loosely. He is more of a bottom bitch I grace with my presence on occasion because he has a tight ass. My sexy tranny cock loves a tight ass. I dabble in the BDSM lifestyle as a dominant tranny. After watching that bondage porn, I was aroused. I had my bottom bitch right there, so I tied him up. He was scared. Rightfully so. I mean I do have a hard ten-inch cock. I can fuck up a bitch with my weapon of destruction. I hog tied my little bitch and gave her a hardcore ass fucking she was not expecting. I am a dominant T-girl, but something about bondage makes me even more dominant. I love having a helpless subject. This little bitch of mine has a 2-inch dick. That is a clit not a cock, so I call him her lol! She screamed like a girl too as my cock pounded her back door pussy. Damn, such a tight hole. I almost forgot how tight. I left a huge load of cum in her pussy. She walked home funny. I may have broken the bitch. Me bad. Well, there are plenty of bitches in the sea.

Shemale Phone Sex Summer

shemale phone sexShemale phone sex summer is almost over sadly. I have been living at the beach or the pool tanning my sexy body while I can. Yesterday, I was on the roof pool of my loft complex. I own my loft, but many of them are rented out as part of Air B and Bs. Normally, I am on the roof by myself, but this week I have had a woman from Chicago staying in one of the Air B and B lofts. She has been on the roof with me. The first day, we didn’t speak much but by day two we were best friends. I always assume folks know I am a tranny, but in a bikini, I do look all girl. I have great tucking skills. We decided to go out on the town last night. She came to my loft to get ready. She came into the bathroom while I was in the shower and saw my ten-inch cock. She was shocked but intrigued too. No man she had ever dated or loved had a cock as big as mine. She told me she would be a lesbian if she didn’t like cock so much. Usually, I am with men, but she was a pretty and a very  sexy woman. I stepped out of the shower and she went down on me. She was a good cock sucker. I am big and she swallowed me balls deep. She had my balls about ready to burst. She sucked my cock better than any fag boy. We didn’t end up going out on the town. She wanted to fuck after she discovered by sexy tranny cock. I fucked all her pretty holes too. It was nice and romantic. Her body was killer too. I think I should fuck more woman. Maybe your wife?

GFE Phone Sex with a Twist

gfe phone sexGFE phone sex men often get a surprise with me. Men see my body and my face and stop reading. I had a date last night with Norman. I met him on a sugar daddy site. They have sections for “special” arrangements. I am a special special arrangement because I have a sexy tranny cock. Norman was not looking for something extra special. He got it though! He honestly had no clue, so he got one hell of a panty surprise. He was taken aback when we got naked. I knew the look of surprise. I have seen it before. I also saw the light bulb go off when he said “Oh, special arrangements.” He realized special had a different meaning. A very different meaning. I gave him an out. I don’t enjoy fucking a man who doesn’t want to be fucked as long he is a nice guy and Norman was a nice man. Just a lonely wealthy nerd. We talked for a while, then made out and the next thing Norman knew he was sucking his first cock. It was like a romantic phone sex call. He was sweet. He asked for guidance. He made me cum in a way few men have made me before. I think I saw Norman as a man not a sissy or a bottom bitch. I enjoyed fucking his ass. On a rare occasion, I let him fuck my ass too. I may have found a keeper. Nice, handsome, rich and hung.


Shemale Phone Sex Ass Prep

shemale phone sexShemale phone sex can get kinky with me. I like to help virgin men get their asses ready for my 10-inch cock. I don’t have a cock that men can take easily the first time in the ass. Some like the pain and want me to just ram it in. Others, well most men, want me to go slow and easy; work my cock into their tight assholes. I use dildos to warm up an ass. I have many different sizes. Normally, I work through all of them until I know they are ready for my ten-inch cock. I don’t fuck gently. Most lovers who were ass virgins when we met, aren’t walking the same way the next day. That is because I know how to give a hardcore ass fucking. I am a dominant tranny. If you don’t want to feel your asshole talking back to you the next day, I am not the sexy shemale for you. Personally, I think a little dildo prep on your ass is all you should get. Consider yourself lucky if I give you that to you. I have been fucking assholes for many years. I love a tight virgin hole. If you don’t think your ass can take my ten-inch cock, I am not the sexy tranny for you.

Tranny Phone Sex Ass Slave

tranny phone sexJoe is not just a tranny phone sex lover. In fact, I don’t think that is why he called me. He loved my feminine ass. I have a Kardashian ass and a sexy tranny cock. Joe worshiped my ass for as long as he could. Smelling my ass, tossing my salad and rimming my pretty puckered asshole.  I knew what he really wanted though. Boys like Joe are few and far between, but easy to spot. He didn’t care about my pretty cock as much as he did about what was hiding in my pretty asshole. I pushed out a pretty monkey tail and fed my baby bird. He gobbled it up like a shit starved hog. The best part for me was giving him a hardcore ass fucking. He was tight and full of shit. Literally, full of shit. I didn’t mind because I planned on making him clean up the mess he made of my pretty cock. After I came in his tight ass, I pulled out. With shit and cum dripping off my cock, I fed my newest bitch boy my dirty dick. He slurped on it like a death row inmate devouring a hamburger. He didn’t care about the special sauce that covered my dick. Joe is such a good ass slut.

Cocksucking Phone Sex with a T-Girl

cocksucking phone sexI am not often on the sucking end of a cocksucking phone sex call. Every now and then I am equal with a man. Emphasis on equal because I am never a bitch. Usually, I am top dog when it comes to men. I have a 10-inch cock when fully erect. Most men who love me have half of what I have if not less. Not Oscar, however. We met golfing of all things. I am a member of a local country club. I find that it is a great place to meet wealthy men. Oscar was not wealthy but he had a nice cock, so I overlooked the fact that he was the help. I didn’t want to date Oscar. I just wanted to suck his cock. I did drain his balls into my mouth but I fucked his ass too. He had a nice cock, but I couldn’t let a bartender fuck my ass. No way, was I going to take a hardcore ass fucking from a minimum wage worker, no matter how big his cock was. I am a snob. I know this. I have standards. He didn’t want to fuck me anyway. He wanted what all the small dick losers want too. He wanted my sexy tranny cock up his backdoor pussy. Even when I try to be equal with a man, I end up on top.

Shemale Domination Porn on the 4th of July

shemale domination pornHe wanted to spend the 4th of July with a shemale domination porn star. Since he paid me handsomely for the pleasure of my company on his yacht, how could I say no. I love living in a life of luxury. His yacht is nice. He has millions of dollars to spend on special girls like me. I am his addiction. He is a secret T-girl lover. We met a few weeks ago through a friend of mine and he has been obsessed  with my 10-inch cock ever since. I was happy to have alone time with him on his yacht.  We watched fireworks that were being lit off the beach about 10 miles away. Lovely show, but the real show was the hardcore ass fucking I gave him while the fireworks went off above us. It was quite the show too. No streetlights to dull the sky. It was a first for me. I have fucked a lot of men in the ass, but never on a yacht on the 4th of July with a firework show going on above me. It was a hot way to celebrate the holiday. I love fucking outdoors. I love fucking on a boat too, so the fireworks were bonus. I spent the night on his yacht working out his ass and filling him with cum. We parted ways this morning, but he has been begging me to see him again. I have my next sugar daddy.

Biggest Cum Shot from a Sexy Tranny

biggest cum shotI can give you the biggest cum shot of your life with my sexy tranny cock up your ass. It is like a free prostate exam because I have a ten-inch cock. Seriously, with me up your ass, your cock will be as hard as ever. I did my friend Emerald a favor recently. She is a shemale escort. She needed an extra tranny for this fat cat who hired her. Wealthy as fuck. Some old oil guy from Texas. He is in his 60s, but far from dead yet. He gets high and he gets freaky. He wanted two sexy shemales on his yacht for the weekend, so Emerald called me to help. She knows I have no problem cumming over and over. Some shemale escorts have limp dick issues, I never have that problem. That is one of the reasons I am not a full-time escort. I knew we could keep this oil tycoon happy and satisfied. He paid us more money than asked. Spoiled us too with a shopping trip and spa treatments before the boat trip. We had the best time fucking his old ass too. He had two tranny dicks in his ass at the same time. He is married. The tranny lovers often are lol. His boat’s captain took us into the middle of the ocean for a weekend of debauchery. We did coke, drank, fucked, smoked weed, fucked. He even watched this tranny phone sex slut fuck her shemale friend. This oil tycoon was old and fat, but his cock worked, and we were in a life of luxury we could get used too! It didn’t matter to us that he wasn’t hung and handsome. Guys who pay for sex rarely are, but we were in it for the money. I told Emerald if he wanted two sexy shemales again, count me in.

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