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Sexy Tranny GFE Phone Sex

gfe phone sexMen love gfe phone sex calls with a sexy shemale. Most of my callers like the element of surprise with me. They know I am a chick with a dick. It is hard to miss the sexy tranny cock in my pictures. But, acting like they missed it makes them feel less gay when we get down and nasty. It is the same way in my personal life. I can tell a man several times to his face that I am a transsexual but when we are back at my place, they all act like they didn’t know I had a cock. I play the game of the dominant shemale because I am a shemale domination porn star. If it makes you feel better about wanting cock to act like you didn’t know my panty surprise, then I won’t ruin your delusion. I will fuck your ass and your mouth, however. I may be a sexy GFE, but I have a cock and I want to cum. So, act surprised and like you have never done anything like this before all you want. My cock will be in one of your holes before the night is over, most likely both holes. This hot tranny always gets her man and his ass.

Shemale Phone Sex Switch

shemale phone sexShemale phone sex is the perfect job for me. I am college educated. I tried to work in the normal non-adult world, but it never went well for me. Women hated me and men feared me. Now I know that when guys call me, they know my panty surprise and they like it. Many just plain love it. I am a top. Pure alpha girl here, so most of my callers want me up their ass. The same is true for the men I meet off the phone. Jack is a friend of a friend. We met last year at a party, exchanged numbers, but I never heard from him. I assumed he chickened out. Fantasizing about a sexy shemale or having tranny phone sex is one thing, getting a sexy tranny cock up your ass is something different. I get that and never take offense when I don’t hear from a cute guy again. When he called me, I was shocked. I figured too much time had passed for me to hear from him. He wanted to have dinner. I put on my sexy red dress and heels and had a lovely evening with him. The reason I had not heard from him was because he is not submissive. He was attracted to me, intrigued by my something extra, but never really saw himself as a bottom. Once I found out he had a cock as big as mine, I was happy to be a switch. I can be a bottom for a big dick. I am just not a submissive bottom. He was happy to hear that. When we went back to my place, however, he saw my cock and wanted it up his ass too. I fucked him and in a rare moment, he fucked me too. We both had sore assholes the next day. I love being a shemale domination porn star to guys with small dicks, but it was nice to fucked by a nice cock. It has been a long time since I met a worthy man.

Sexy Tranny Phone Sex

tranny phone sexTranny phone sex is the cure for the winter blues. While men are freezing all over the world, my sexy tranny cock is warming up men’s asses all over my state. I pick up men in non-typical places. Sure, I go to clubs, but most men I pick up, I find in every day places like Starbucks. I have a chai tea latte addiction. Just like you have a sexy tranny cock addiction. This guy at Starbucks bought me my drink and flirted shamelessly with me. I noticed the ring on his finger. I love married men. Most don’t want to marry me; they just want to have some fun. They just want to try something new. A chick with a dick is new to most men. I told him I was a sexy T-girl because, for the most part, I like to be upfront. My honesty only aroused him more. He couldn’t wait to get back to my place. He was on his lunch break from work, so he didn’t have much time. He sucked my pretty shaved cock like it wasn’t his first time. Guys always tell me they never sucked cock before, but their skills betray them. I played along; I told him he was a natural cock sucker. When I started dripping pre-cum, he begged for a hardcore ass fucking. I had no problem porking his virgin ass. At first, I doubted his virgin ass story, but he was very tight. I had to go slow, use lots of lube and really push my cock in his ass. He grunted and moaned, but I got my 10-inch rod in his ass. Didn’t take long for me to cum with his ass being that tight. We exchanged numbers because once you get fucked by this sexy shemale, you want more.

Tranny Phone Sex Threesome

tranny phone sexTranny phone sex lovers can’t get enough of me. I am glad too. I love talking to men who have never had dick or who are obsessed with chicks with dicks. I was at a party last night and this guy was hitting on me, but it is not what you think. He had no clue about my shemale surprise. He was trying to recruit me for his wife. She has always wanted a lesbian experience. She thought I was the prettiest woman in the room. That is what he told me. She was a sexy MILF. He was pretty handsome himself. I thought it would be a hot threesome, but I didn’t know if I should tell them I was a sexy T-girl or let it be a panty surprise. I decided to let them know since she wanted a bisexual experience. They both couldn’t believe it. In fact, the husband thought  I fabricated the story to get out of fucking them. I took his wife into the bathroom to show her my ten-inch cock so they would know I was not lying. She couldn’t believe I had a bigger dick than her husband. The prettiest girl at the party had a bigger dick than her husband. She blew me in the bathroom. She gave a great blowjob too. I went home with them after all. She didn’t get a lesbian experience, but her husband got a bisexual one and the biggest cum shot up his ass.

This Tranny Phone Sex Slut Loves Rim Jobs

tranny phone sexWhen you are a sexy tranny phone sex girl, men are lined up to have some fun with you. All kinds of guys love a sexy t-girl. My favorite kind of man falls into two categories. I love wealthy older men and submissive men. The wealthy ones spoil me, and the submissive ones worship me. Trey was the latter, a total subby bitch who wanted nothing more than to be my sex slave. A hot tranny like me can never have enough guys worshiping her 10-inch cock. Trey wanted to worship my ass too. He couldn’t wait to toss my pretty pink salad. I spread my ass checks wide and told him to give me a rim job like his life depended on it.  I was not his first ass. He spent an hour licking my taint and putting his tongue my bung hole. I love rim jobs phone sex and he was great at it. I had to reward him with my sexy tranny cock up his ass. I pounded his tight ass hole and had him a reach around. He deserved to cum. He was not my typical loser submissive man. He worshiped my ass and had the tightest butt hole around.

Are You on the Tranny Phone Sex Bandwagon?

tranny phone sexTranny phone sex is all the rage. Are you on the sexy T-girl bandwagon? It seems like when I least expect it, a man I would never think is a tranny lover is wanting my sexy tranny cock. I found myself on the wrong side of the law this week. I had to pee. I was drunk, the bathrooms in the club were full, so I peed outside. I got busted for indecent exposure for showing my dick. Can you believe that? Guys piss outside all the time and never get busted. I was pretty sure the cop was one of those ball busting transgender haters. When I went before the judge, he laughed it off. In fact, he reprimanded the cop who pulled me in. I was happy to go home and sleep in my bed. I look awful in orange. As I was outside the courthouse waiting on a cab, the judge pulled up and offered me a ride home. He apologized for the cop arresting me. I could see the boner in his pants. I knew he had tranny fever. He had a ring on his finger, he was a judge and likely close to sixty. Handsome though and he was my knight in shining armor. I let him come upstairs to my place. I showered first. I mean I did spend the night in a dirty jail cell. He poured us some wine and whipped up some omelets. Sure, it was early for wine, but I needed to take the edge off a bad night, and he needed some liquid courage to admit he wanted way more than just shemale phone sex. He wanted my ten-inch cock up his judicial ass. He was the first judge I ever fucked. He loved having my big shemale dick up his ass so much, he is coming back tonight for more. I have a get of jail free card now.

Smoking Fetish Phone Sex with a Dominant Shemale

smoking fetish phone sexHe had a thing for smoking fetish phone sex. When he saw my ad for a sexy dominatrix, the first thing he asked me was if I smoked. I am not a 2 pack a day kind of woman, but I do enjoy a cigarette after fucking up some sissy boy’s ass. I think he was in love before he even met my ten-inch sexy cock. When I arrived at his place, he was exactly what I expected. He was an unassuming man. Short, a little pudgy, balding and not easy to look at, but he was wealthy. He is some sort of technology genius responsible for some very popular apps we all use. He wanted a shemale domination porn star to give him a hardcore fucking in his back door pussy. He paid me for the honor of taking his ass cherry. I fucked him hard while puffing on a cigarette. He enjoyed the smoke rings hovering over his head. Hot damn, I enjoyed his ass. It was super tight. Nothing feels better than a tight virgin ass. I enjoyed smoking my cigarette as I pounded his ass. He moaned a lot, not sexy moans, more like the moans that a wounded animal makes. His pain was sexy to me. He was paying me to hurt his ass and blow smoke in his face. I get it with men like him. They are too nerdy for hot women. He has no social skills and he wants to be fucked by a sexy T-girl up his ass. Most women don’t find that sexy no matter how wealthy a man might be. After I dropped the biggest cum shot up his ass, I made him suck my dick clean. While he was being an ass to mouth whore for me, I continued to blow smoke in his face. You better be careful what you ask for with me. I am a bad ass shemale mistress. I will take your money and ruin your ass.

Sexy Dominatrix Phone Sex Mistress

dominatrix phone sex This is my bad ass dominatrix phone sex outfit. What do you think? I have been dabbling in the escorting world. Not so much the GFE kind of escort because guys always want to spoil me. I have been putting myself out there as a professional dominatrix. Sure, I have a ten-inch tranny cock, but men love being dominated by a sexy shemale. They pay great money for the privilege too. One of my best friends is an attorney. She investigated the laws regarding domination for hire. Being a professional dominatrix is legal, if no bodily fluids are involved. Where is the fun in that? I want to cum while giving a hardcore ass fucking to a pathetic loser. I will take the risk. Plus, men pay more money if you cum in their virgin asses. Last night, Roberto hired me. He was not what I expected. He was very short. Wealthy man with a high-powered job. Guys like that love to give up their power to a hot bitch. I just wasn’t expecting such a short man. I had him strip naked, so I could see what I was dealing with. He had a small dick too. Little man syndrome was my guess. I tied him up and hung him from a rafter.  I started with some CBT torture. There was some spanking and whipping involved too. But we both know what he wanted from this sexy special mistress was an ass fucking. My cock is a great punisher. I put a ball gag in his mouth, so he wouldn’t scream too loudly as I was ass fucking the shit out of him. I got to bust balls, shame a man and ass fuck him until he pleaded for mercy and I got paid for it. I still love being a tranny phone sex slut, but this professional mistress gig is going to bring in the big bucks.

Sexy GFE Phone Sex

gfe phone sexI love gfe phone sex. Too many men assume that if I am a sexy dominatrix, I can’t also be a GFE. Being a dominant tranny doesn’t mean I don’t love to be spoiled and treated like a princess. Look at me? You can’t even tell from this picture that I have a sexy 10-inch cock, right? I bet I look like the kind of woman you would adore and worship. I love a big dick and a fat wallet, but I am no bitch. I can be your equal or your mistress. I love to dominate losers, but I equally enjoy being spoiled by worthy men. I have a new sugar daddy. He is 20 years older than me. We met online. He has a huge dick and a bigger wallet. His only fault is that he is married. I don’t mind married men because they spoil you better than their wives, but this guy I would marry. He has brains, brawn, money, a nice cock and loves a sexy T-girl. He has been spoiling me for months now. But, since he can’t make an honest woman out of me, I am always on the hunt for the man that can. Is that you?

Light Bondage Porn with a Dominant Tranny

light bondage pornHe wanted some light bondage porn action. As a sexy mistress with a twist, I was happy to oblige him. I am a sexy dominant tranny and I love BDSM games. He was a newbie to T-girls and to shemale domination, or any domination. Mid-life crisis, I guess. He found me from a personal I listed on a fetish site. I am a sexy tranny with a big dick, but I am also a mistress. I can be extreme with cock and ball torture, or I can go light with some bondage and tease and denial games. For Richie, I went the latter route. When he arrived, he was nervous as fuck. For one, he was stunned that I was prettier than my pictures. He could not believe I was a shemale domination porn star. He said I was too pretty to be a bad ass or to have a cock. I ordered him on his knees. I made him worship my sexy tranny cock. I skull fucked him into submission. I had a feeling he thought my cock was some sort of prosthetic dick. Now, he knew all ten-inches were real. I hog tied him. My cum was still dripping down his chin as I tied his hands behind his back. I bound his feet together too. I circled around him with my half limp dick dripping still. I had a switch in my hand. I would swat him a few times on the ass, chest, even his dick as I made fun of his tiny wiener. My finger was longer. I asked him question about why he wanted domination and a sexy tranny. If he didn’t give me what I thought was an honest answer, I whipped him again. He is a porn addict. He has spent hours a day looking at T-girls on the Internet. He was ahead of most losers, he at least knew a sexy tranny with a big dick was perfect for dominatrix phone sex. I ended up fucking his ass. I mean, it is what all fags want from me and it is the ultimate domination.

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