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tranny phone sexI bet you are a tranny phone sex lover. But have you ever had the real thing? I want to say about 90% of my callers are just fantasizing about my sexy cock or any cock, but the other 10% have some real experience. Which group do you fall into? I love being a man’s first tranny or his first cock period. I can pick up when a man is bi-curious or full on fag. I have a thing for married virgins. They like to think they are just trying something new, but once they have my sexy tranny cock up their ass, they can’t get hard for their wives anymore. I fucked this guy Brian a few months ago. He claimed he didn’t know I was a shemale. They all claim that, but they never protest or even question me when I fuck their asses. Never. Brian was a one night stand. A married businessman from out of town. We met in a hotel bar and I went back to his suite. He claimed he had no clue I was a shemale domination porn star. He never protested, however, even though he was married. I gave him an ass fucking he could never forget. He stalked me on social media. He blew my phone up with calls and texts. I had to ghost him until last night; he was back at that hotel. It was clear he was back in town looking for me. He told me he can’t get hard for women anymore. He told his wife he has high blood pressure and the meds are giving him limp dick. The reality is, only shemale cock gets him hard now. That is a hazard of a hardcore ass fucking from a sexy T-girl like me. I gave Brian an encore performance. I ruined him for women. I will ruin you too.

Tranny Phone Sex Sugar Baby

tranny phone sexI am about to spend a few days as a tranny phone sex escort in the Bahamas. I am dating this new sugar daddy. Technically, I am just a sugar baby or GFE. I am not actually taking a large sum of money. When you are a sugar baby, it is an exchange. You take care of me and I take care of you. Now with that said, I am not a submissive sugar baby. I think your typical coed sugar baby likely caters to a dominant daddy type. That is not me.  I am in my 30s and I am not submissive. Never have been, and never will be, not even for a trip to the Bahamas and all the spoiling in the world. Trevor wanted a dominant special girl. One who looks like a girlfriend on the outside but is a bad ass bitch in the bedroom. I spoil his ass with my sexy tranny cock. He loves a hardcore ass fucking with my 10-inch cock. We will be enjoying the beach in the day, looking like a normal heterosexual couple to everyone on the island and at the resort. Once in the bedroom, however, Trevor’s ass will get pounded by my cock. So will his mouth. In exchange, I get wined and dined. I will be spoiled at the resort spa and taken on lavish shopping trips. What would you pay for my sexy tranny cock?

Dominant Tranny Phone Sex

tranny phone sexI am all about dominant tranny phone sex. I am sexy dominatrix with a twist.  When you have a ten-inch dick, you have the power; you have the control. When I met Paul, he tried to dominant me. Can you believe that? He was shorter than me and his cock was smaller. That was not a winning combination to dominate me. I turned the tables on him. He wanted to fuck my ass, but that was not going to happen. If you are inferior, I fuck you. I told him I was a dominant tranny and he needed put in his place. I tried to tell him, warn him, that he was not fucking my ass. When he ignored all my warnings, I bent him over and gave him a hardcore ass fucking. One he will never forget. His ass was mine for over an hour. I had him scream that his ass belonged to me. He was walking funny, but he loved being my bottom bitch. I often think guys try to bait me knowing I am a dominant tranny. They want me to take their asses, because it makes them feel better if I am in charge. It is like they have no choice. If you try to dominant me, you better believe you have no choice I must fuck some sense into you. I must show you who owns your ass.

Shemale Domination Porn Star of Your Ass, Loser

shemale domination pornWhen men learn you are a shemale domination porn star, they beg to be treated like a beta bitch. Usually, these losers have small dicks and bisexual fantasies, even rape fantasies. I have become an expert of the deviant minds of small dicked perverts. The thought that they might be gay freaks them out, but a sexy dominant shemale taking their ass makes them feel less gay. When I meet losers like Teddy, I want to fuck their asses so hard they can barely walk. They want me to do that but they will never admit it. You want me to give you a hardcore ass fucking, but you want to maintain some dignity and masculinity? Not possible loser. I will fuck any masculinity out of you. You will have no dignity by the time my 10-inch cock has ravaged your virgin butthole. Teddy was so pathetic that I made him eat his own jizz. He shit it out on a plate, and I served it up to him fresh off the plate. To add more humiliation to the mix, I made him toss my salad, which he enjoyed more than he thought he would. Nothing like a dominant shemale to make your freak flag fly!

Tranny Phone Sex Pearl Necklace

tranny phone sexTranny phone sex chicks with big dicks like me can give you a pearl necklace. Most folks associate girls with getting them. There is even a ZZ Top song about a pearl necklace. Men get them from sexy trannies like me too. Some even beg for them. I met Tony at a night club last night. He knew I was a special girl from a mutual friend.  We danced and made out. He is not gay, but bi-curious. He asked me about my cock, so I showed him. I don’t think he was prepared for a T-girl as feminine as me to have a 10-inch cock. After he saw my cock, he couldn’t stop thinking about my dick. He was full of questions. How much do I cum? Do I stay hard after I cum? What does my cum taste like? He was focused on my cock and my cum. He was mesmerized by my cock. I took him home. He wanted my biggest cum shot on his neck. I told him that was called a pearl necklace. I even put on the song for him. I fucked his ass bareback, then pulled out and shot my jizz all around his neck and chest. He started playing with my cum and begging to clean my cock. Men always turn into cock obsessed faggots once they see my sexy tranny dick.

Sexy Tranny GFE Phone Sex

gfe phone sexI love gfe phone sex calls. I am a spoiled princess at heart. I know I have a 10-inch cock tucked in my panties, but I love being spoiled. Most of the men who call me or try to date me, however, don’t have the means to keep me in the lifestyle I am accustomed to living. Once I realize that, I just want to fuck them in the ass. Not gently, either. My dominant side is in full force when I encounter broke ass losers and small dicked shmucks. Every now and then I do meet a prince. Jason is a prince. I met him at the gym three weeks ago. He has been spoiling me ever since. He bought me this new bathing suit recently. I immediately took a selfie in it. He is taking me to Jamaica next week. His firm has business there and I am going along for the ride. He will work during the day while I work on my tan and we will play at night. He is married, so I am the dirty secret. I would be the dirty secret even if he was single because I am a shemale domination porn star. Most men never want to admit openly that they like cock up the ass. Guys who want to be with me aren’t gay. Gay men don’t want a sexy tranny because they aren’t attracted to femininity. Straight men, however, are a different breed when it comes to sexy shemales.  I can be on the down low about my panty surprise if he man knows how to spoil a special girl like me. Like the one 90s song, I don’t need no scrubs. So if you ain’t got no money, take your broke ass home or bend over for an ass fucking.

Adult Phone Chat with a Sexy Tranny

adult phone chatMen love adult phone chat with a dominant tranny. Are you one such guy? I love telling men how to pleasure their back doors.  I helped a guy last night who bought a suction cup dildo. He was an anal virgin. Most of my callers are until the end of our call. I like helping men experience back door pleasure. The male G-spot is in the ass. There is nothing wrong with using a toy on your ass. Women do it all the time, but its men who get the most pleasure from it. All you need is an ass dildo, a lot of lube and a sexy tranny helping you. Prostate phone sex mixes well with a sexy tranny. I helped my caller breath and get the right angles to bounce on his dildo. Hearing him moan like it was his first orgasm got my big tranny cock hard as a rock. When a man has a prostate orgasm, it is a ball draining orgasm that will feel like nothing before. Plus, it will feel like the kind of orgasm I will give you with my big 10-inchh cock. This tranny wants to train your balls completely.

He Wanted The Biggest Cum Shot

biggest cum shotHe wanted the biggest cum shot, he got it. He was a little sissy boy bitch. He was begging for my cum. I met him at a dance club over the weekend. He knew my panty surprise. He followed me around like a lost puppy. I knew he wasn’t the kind of man I would let fuck me. He knew it too. All he wanted was my cum. A jizz junkie sissy boy. Pathetic loser in my eyes. He was a nuisance and killing the vibe of the night, so I decided to give him exactly what he wanted. I told him to meet me in the bathroom. He went there and waited like a good bitch. I walked in, found him on a toilet seat waiting like a little boy for Santa Claus. I pulled out my ten-inch cock and told him to suck me dry. If he was going to beg for my cum, he was going to suck my cock to drain my balls. For a little beta boy, he was not very good at cock sucking. I had to skull fuck him. I got rough too because the annoying fucker was ruining my night. He started choking and slobbering all over my sexy tranny cock. I didn’t want him puking on me, so I flipped him over and gave him a hardcore ass fucking that made him scream. Little bitch boy won’t be following me around anytime soon. Be careful of what you ask for from me because I will give it to you tenfold.

Shemale Domination Porn

shemale domination pornWhen you are a shemale domination porn star, men are lining up to get fucked in the ass. Most men want a T-girl who is a top. I am a dominant tranny but that is only because so many men have inferior cocks. I am 10-inches when fully erect. I can get hard quickly too. I love being a sexy bitch in charge. Louis knew me through a friend. He knew I was a special girl. At first, he had a strange fascination with me. He was asking all sorts of questions about what it is like to be a top. I knew he called for tranny phone sex, but like most of you, he was a shemale virgin. He went from curious to obsessed quickly. He was texting me non-stop. He was sending me pics of his small dick like I would be excited by it. Fuck that. He soon became my ass slave. I gave him what he wanted; what he was afraid to ask for which was my sexy tranny cock up his tight back door pussy. I fucked his virgin ass last night and he was screaming for mercy. It doesn’t work like that. You can’t hound me for weeks, then decide it hurts. I have 10-inches hard. It will always hurt. He may never want tranny sex again, but at least now he knows how it feels to get his ass fucked by a shemale.

Sexy Tranny GFE Phone Sex

gfe phone sexMen love gfe phone sex calls with a sexy shemale. Most of my callers like the element of surprise with me. They know I am a chick with a dick. It is hard to miss the sexy tranny cock in my pictures. But, acting like they missed it makes them feel less gay when we get down and nasty. It is the same way in my personal life. I can tell a man several times to his face that I am a transsexual but when we are back at my place, they all act like they didn’t know I had a cock. I play the game of the dominant shemale because I am a shemale domination porn star. If it makes you feel better about wanting cock to act like you didn’t know my panty surprise, then I won’t ruin your delusion. I will fuck your ass and your mouth, however. I may be a sexy GFE, but I have a cock and I want to cum. So, act surprised and like you have never done anything like this before all you want. My cock will be in one of your holes before the night is over, most likely both holes. This hot tranny always gets her man and his ass.

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