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Tranny Phone Sex: I’m on Santa’s Naughty List

tranny phone sexTranny phone sex is what you want for Christmas, isn’t it? I want a naughty man for Christmas. One who can handle a good hardcore anal fucking! I was at the mall over the weekend and the mall Santa caught my eye. Even through his beard and fat Santa suit, I could tell he was handsome. I couldn’t tell if he was hung or not, so I had my photo taken with Santa. Cock teasing Santa while sitting on his lap would tell me if Santa was hung or not. Turns out the mall Santa was packing some serious heat. I told him I was a naughty girl because all I could think about was Santa’s big fat candy cane. He informed me that since I was mostly a nice girl, I could get that candy cane later. I seduced the mall Santa but turns out I was a very naughty girl. Santa didn’t know about my panty surprise. Santa was not exactly happy that I had a candy cane bigger than he did! That happens sometimes. I knew I could convince Santa to try something different, so I bent him over and gave him a hardcore ass fucking. I guess that puts me on his naughty list this list. Sometimes men, even Santa, just don’t know what they want until they get it. Do I have to be forceful to convince you, I got what you need?

Hot Ass Sex with a Sexy Shemale

hot ass sexHot ass sex is all I have. Look at me? Can you guess my secret? You have the advantage because you found me looking for a sexy shemale, however, most men see me all dressed up, looking very feminine and are clueless about my panty surprise. I met Carl at a party recently. He had no clue about the ten inch cock tucked nicely between my legs. I wasn’t sure that he was the kind of man who would find it a pleasant present. He is a big Trump supporter, fiscal conservative type. Not my cup of tea, but handsome and wealthy, which I do enjoy. I have scoffed his advances for months now, but when we ran into each other at a mutual friend’s party, he cornered me again. No was not a word he hears, so he has been persistent. I figured I could get a nice date out of it. I didn’t have to fuck him. I mean women have the right to not fuck on a first date or any date. We had a nice time, but I couldn’t be myself. He is a control freak and an egomaniac. When I expressed a desire to go, he wouldn’t let me out of his car. He thought he was going to fuck me in his car, then get rid of me. I turned the tables on him. A guy like Carl was not expecting that he would be the one getting fucked; fucked by a 10 inch shemale cock. I was very vocal about that the only reason he was getting blessed with my sexy tranny cock up his ass was because he had no respect for women. “No, means no,” I said to him as I forced my cock up his ass. I knew he would never tell anyone what happened because it would reunion his reputation. If you call me for tranny phone sex, understand that I only do what I want to do. Try forcing me to be your bottom, and you won’t sit right for days. Just ask Carl.

Stocking Fetish Phone Sex with a Sexy T-Girl

stocking fetish phone sexDo you enjoy stocking fetish phone sex? What if the stockings were on a sexy transsexual? I had a late night Thanksgiving date with a guy I met last week while out with my girlfriends. He was attracted to me because I was wearing stockings. Very few women wear stockings or pantyhose anymore. I like the way they feel on my legs and especially on my ten inch cock. Troy knew I was a T-girl. He wasn’t interested in a one night stand sort of thing. He wants to date me. He said he wanted to treat me like a proper woman, not a whore. Last night was our first official date. I wore an old school garter belt and stockings.  I even had on some kinky boots. I looked as sexy as I felt. When he saw me, his eyes went straight to my legs. He ran his hands up my legs to feel the nylons. We had a nice dinner, but we skipped the movie. We went back to his place to fuck. I am usually a top, but for him, I was a bottom. He had a bigger dick than me! We had some intense foreplay beforehand, however. I jacked him with my stockings. I like a lover to have a good cum before we fuck. The second time around, a man always lasts longer. He loved cumming in my silky nylons. I bet you would too! We even fucked while I was still wearing them. I let him keep my stockings as a present. He keeps texting me pictures of them tied around his cock. We have another date tomorrow. He is taking me shopping for some new sexy under things. I have no doubt there will be some fucking in the Victoria Secret changing room tomorrow.

The Perfect GFE Phone Sex

gfe phone sexI give a very special brand of GFE phone sex. I call myself the perfect GFE with a twist. I advertise my services on Sugar Daddy sites. There are lots of wealthy men who want a special GFE, especially one with a 10 inch cock who passes as a natural born woman! I love being spoiled and pampered. Sugar daddies are looking for a sexy shemale, but don’t want anyone thinking less of them. I am proud to be a hot transsexual, but I respect a man who needs discretion. David made a special arrangement with me for the weekend. He had a business meeting that required a hot companion. He is in the night club business, specifically he designs them for high end hotels. He had a Vegas meeting about an upscale club in a new hotel casino. The Vegas guys like talking business over drinks with significant others there too in an informal setting. Essentially, he needed a hot companion and his wife didn’t fit the bill. He has a tranny fetish, so he thought if his business pals didn’t know, then he could have some special fun when we were all alone. I am not an escort. This was a free trip to Vegas and VIP treatment. All I had to do was look pretty and be charming and fun. Maybe suck some cock and fuck a sexy man in the ass.  His business meeting went great in large part due to me. Subsequently, we had a fucking hot time afterward. I’m not just talking sex. He took me on a Vegas strip shopping trip. He spent like 10 grand on me, which isn’t much when you consider I secured him a multi million dollar deal. I let him spoil me in and out of the bedroom. Back in his penthouse suite, I gave him the hardcore ass fucking he needed and wanted. I am the perfect GFE. You can take me anywhere, spoil me and get my pretty ten inch cock up your ass too.

From Tranny Phone Sex to Shemale Escorts

tranny phone sexHe started with tranny phone sex, but it wasn’t enough. He wanted to meet a real transsexual. He has been calling me weekly for a year now. We always talked about what it would be like for him to fuck a real shemale. I guess you could say I have been prepping him for the real thing. In the beginning, it was just sexy talk and role play about my pretty 10 inch cock. I talked him through sucking his first cock. Like most of my callers and most of the men I encounter off the phone, he considers himself straight. I consider myself female, so it works. Over time, I had him buy some sex toys, specifically a big dildo so his ass could get the feel of a cock. Once he had his first G-spot orgasm from a dildo up his ass, I knew he would want the real thing. I helped him look up places in his area where he is likely to find shemales. I even looked at personal hook up and tranny escort ads. He wanted a dominant tranny with a big dick like me. Last night, when he called me, he was not alone. He was in a hotel with a real shemale. He wanted me to hear him get the real thing up his ass. He even sent me pictures. She was an escort. Let me tell you what a hot phone sex call it was for me to hear a longtime caller getting fucked in the ass by a T-girl for the first time. I jacked my cock listening to his sexy moaning noises and her telling him how tight his ass felt on her 9 inch dick. I was also super aroused because I helped a long time caller make his naughty fantasy cum true. If you have a shemale fetish, let me help you too.

Tranny Phone Sex is Addicting

tranny phone sexTranny phone sex will be the hottest phone fun you ever have. Why? Because it’s naughty and taboo, especially if you consider yourself a straight man. If you look at me from the waist up, I am all woman. Look at me from the waist down and I am more of a man than you! Best of both worlds. Tits and a cock, right? Donald found me on a transgendered dating site. He admitted to having no experience with shemales other than on the phone. He also admitted to being married and needing discreetness. I want to date a single man.  I love married men for affairs and one night stands, but I am on a dating site for special girls because I am looking for a real relationship, not a secret one. He apologized, but he didn’t just go away. He emailed me daily. I thought I could write him off as something I wasn’t looking for until he sent me some naked pictures and a pic of his bank account balance. He made me an indecent proposal which I accepted. He was hung an ad in shape and wanted to pay for a night with me. I am not an escort, but if a man wants to pay me handsomely for the special girlfriend experience, I won’t say no.  How could I? We met for drinks and dinner in the city’s best restaurant. Afterwards, we went to the penthouse suite of the best hotel. It was romantic. I was in a rare mood. Usually, I am a top, a sexy dominatrix, but he has an 11 inch cock. That is slightly bigger than me. It is rare I encounter a man with a bigger cock, so I let him be the top. His cock felt amazing in my ass. He loved fucking my ass, but after he came, he begged me to fuck him too. Again, how could I say no? He got a hardcore ass fucking, his first. In the morning, he thanked me and paid me. We went our separate ways, but he has been texting me all week wanting to leave his wife and marry me. He has tranny fever. It will happen to you too once you call me.

Shemale Phone Sex with a Sexy Tranny

shemale phone sexWant to have shemale phone sex? Stand in line. I am one popular chick with a dick. Guys want my something extra. They want it down their throats and up their asses. It is okay to admit that you want my something too. When I meet guys at the club, nine times out of ten they don’t know my secret, but nine times out of ten, they want me even more when they find out I have a bigger dick than them. How would you feel meeting a sexy chick like me to discover she has 10 inches of cock tucked in her lacy panties? Tyler, this guy I took home last night, was beside himself. He was so happy. Even happier when he discovered I had a cock, not a cunt. Why was he so excited? Because, like you, like most men, he has bisexual fantasies. I feel safe to a guy wanting to get fucked in the ass because I have a female face and body, with one glaring exception.  My glaring exception spent all night in Tyler’s tight virgin ass making his dreams cum true. It can spend even longer in your ass if you think you can handle phone sex with a sexy dominant tranny?

Phone Sex Trannies Make Great Girlfriends

phone sex Phone sex trannies are the best girlfriends. We look great on your arm in front of your friends who would never understand your special needs. They would be jealous you scored such a hot babe, but how would they react if they knew the truth? Tim is like one of my many callers. He loves chicks with dicks, but can’t admit that to his friends. I was on his arm Friday night at this big work party his boss put together on a big ass sailboat. Wives and girlfriends were encouraged to join as this was a thank you for the hard work of the pharmaceutical reps. His coworkers are ultra conservative. He claims they would never understand a special girl like me. I playedthe part of the hot exotic girlfriend. In fact, I made Tim the envy of his boss. His boss cornered me in one of the cabins below. He made me an indecent proposal to be his side piece. Tim’s boss is married, but he likes hot girls. I told him I was not up to sharing because I do like Tim, plus I didn’t want to jeopardize my sugar daddy’s job. Apparently, the CEO of the company isn’t accustomed to being rejected. He tried to force himself on me. That never goes well for men. I look like a delicate flower, but I am one strong sexy bitch in charge. I showed Tim’s boss who was in charge. He was shocked to learn I had a dick; even more shocked to feel all 10 inches up his ass. As I fucked some respect into him, I made it clear that if he threatened me or Tim’s job, I would show everyone what a sissy faggot bitch he was. The next day Tim spoiled me with a new car because he got a large bonus at work. Like I said, a tranny phone sex chick makes the best girlfriend.

The Real Tranny Phone Sex Experience

tranny phone sexWant to have tranny phone sex? As a special girl, it is my specialty obviously. Guys call me because I have a sexy tranny cock. They may want the girlfriend experience, some domination, a sexy role play or they may want to have a fetish explored, but they all want my cock. You do too, don’t you? It is a feature that stand out. You have the benefit or knowing I am a shemale. I meet guys all the time who are clueless. I like the element of surprise, but in this social climate it is a risk if you surprise the wrong guy.  I don’t wear a badge that says “Beware, I have a 10” cock,” That is why I like shemale phone sex so much. I can be myself and there is no surprise. You are calling me because you want my cock. You may like a fantasy role play where you don’t know I am packing heat, but ultimately my cock is what draws you to me. I think once you take the leap to call me, you will find out I am not so different from natural born women. I love romance. I love intelligent conversation. I love being spoiled and pampered. And, I love fucking. Well, maybe that part makes me different from many women, especially your wife! I enjoy everything from sweet lovemaking to hardcore fucking. Any kink or fetish you can think of, I enjoy too. So, think of me as just a girl, a sexy phone mistress, your wet dream….just with a bigger cock than yours!

Tranny Phone Sex Respect

tranny phone sexAre you curious about tranny phone sex? I understand that a chick with a dick is somewhat of a novelty. I am far more than a novelty, however. Yes, I have a pretty package. One that perhaps is bigger than yours; but besides my cock, I am all woman. I love to be spoiled and pampered. I like to be treated like a lady. Notice I said lady, not bitch. I am not a submissive girl. You cannot get rough with me, mock me or demean me. Well, you can, just trust me, there will be consequences. I don’t take any shit from anyone. Big cock, big wallet, don’t matter if you are a big ass. Just ask Tyler. I met him at a club recently. He had a cocky air about him that screamed “I’m insecure because I have a tiny dick.” He was harassing me and my girlfriends who were minding our own business. His itty bitty ego couldn’t handle rejection. He thought we were freaks, well he only thought that after I rejected him. I’m tight with the bouncers at this club. They were more than willing to toss Tyler out on his jackass ass for us, but I decided to handle him myself. I lured him into the bathroom with the assistance of a natural born woman. Me and my posse of special girls decided to teach Tyler some respect. We gang banged him. He need to learn respect for a sexy tranny cock through a good hardcore ass fucking. His little clitty stick was erect with cock up his backdoor pussy. We all stood over him and came on him as he rubbed his little nub. Turns out Tyler enjoyed being taught to respect a sexy shemale cock. He just needed the right shemales to show him.

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