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gfe phone sexGfe phone sex guys like a little something extra sometimes. What I have between my legs is more than a little extra. I have a 10-inch tranny cock. I tuck well. Even in a bikini or spandex leggings, no man knows my panty surprise unless I tell him. I tell most men. In this climate, I do not want to risk being confined somewhere and they are not accepting of my big surprise. I find, however, that men alone somewhere with me always act favorably to the news that I have a bigger cock than them. I think that is because of peer pressure from other men to be macho. The problem is society. We are all born bisexual. We do not know it is not cool to hook up with people of the same sex until we get older. I am proud to be a transgendered woman. My name is legally changed. I grew my own hair and nails. I take hormones. I got a boob job. I live my life as a woman. I just have a cock bigger than your cock. Gay men do not date me. My fan base is 99.9% married men. I have a few single lovers, but married men just love to walk on the wild side with me. Tony is a married man who is well known in his community. He is a minister. I know. A man of cloth likes my tranny cock up his ass. He is hooked on shemale domination porn too. He found me on a shemale dating site. Honestly, I had no clue he was a minister. He left that part out. He is controversial and recently made my local news for his stance that women like me are abomination. Did he think I would not see the news? I sent him a text with a photo of my ten-inch cock in his mouth and asked him to reconsider his position. The next day the news reported that a prominent minister had changed his stance on transgendered people. I cut him off from my cock. He is nothing more than a closeted fag who protests to much. Those kinds of men can get my dick up their asshole, but I will not let them court me long. It is pride month and you should be proud to be a tranny lover, especially when the tranny is me.

Tranny Phone Sex: Why Not Try Something New

tranny phone sexTranny phone sex is something new to try. I am the best of both worlds. Tits and a 10-inch hard cock. I live my life as a female. I dress like one. I sound like one. I look like one. Even naked, my cock is shaved, and my balls are smooth. No hair on my body except my head. I make the perfect GFE. I look good on your arm. None of your straight-laced friends will guess I have a panty surprise. And I can give you the cock up your ass you have long been curious about. No worries. Just because you crave a hardcore ass fucking from a sexy shemale does not mean your gay. Gay men do not desire me. I look too feminine for them. I am the perfect mistress for men who are bi-curious or who just crave some anal action or want to be dominated. I am a sexy bitch in charge. Do not let my feminine appearance fool you. No one treats me like a bitch. I am a top or an equal, never a bitch. Now, that does not mean I do not take cock in my ass or suck cock. I do both, but I require a cock as beautiful as mine for that. It does not mean I will not date you if you have a small cock. You just need a big wallet to compensate and a willing ass for me to fuck.  Ready to try something new?

Sexy Shemale Phone Sex Date

shemale phone sexShemale phone sex has kept me busy while the world was on halt. But now things are starting to open back up and I can get into the real thing. I have had a different “date” every night this past week. Last night’s date was Oscar. He is a banker I met right before the world went to hell and a hand basket. We had planned on seeing each other before now. Once the travel band was lifted, he was on a plane to my city to spoil his sexy T-girl. Until last night, we had not yet fucked. He was on a plane home the next morning after we met in a hotel bar. Unlike most of my lovers, he is not married. We have had phone sex and video sessions almost every day of quarantine. He has tributed me for mutual masturbation shows and sent me lots of virtual gift cards. He spoiled me when he arrived last night too. He is here for several more days, so I am certain I will be spoiled even more as the days pass. Last night we dined at the most exclusive restaurant in town. He rented the entire place just for us. He also gave me a hand job under the table that was wicked hot. I do not think the waiter knew my secret. Oscar has known since day one I was a sexy shemale. It was what attracted him to me. He loves my sexy tranny cock. So many men do. Once we were back at my loft, his ass was finally mine. It felt amazing to have my cock in his ass. He was a virgin. He never thought of cock, but a ten-inch dick on a feminine body, he was sold. I gave him the hardcore ass fucking he has wanted for months. He came so many times with my cock in his ass. I came several times too. I love talking to my shemale lovers on the phone, but nothing beats a tight ass.

I Love Romantic Phone Sex Too

romantic phone sexI love romantic phone sex calls. I am known as a bad ass bitch in charge to many men. A top who will own your ass. But I have a soft side. A sexy GFE side. A girl who just wants to be loved by a man side. Christian is a wealthy single man. He is from Canada and men from that country tend to be more liberal thinking when it comes to sex. We met last year when he was in town on business. I was one of the models for a boat show he visited at the convention center. He bought a boat and asked me out. It was a romantic night. A romantic week. We spent all his non business time together. He did not care I had a cock. He just saw me as a beautiful woman. He made me feel like one too. We have not been able to see each other since February because of travel restrictions. We have had many Skype sessions and we have been sexting daily. He has sent me pretty things almost weekly too. He knows how to spoil women, even a sexy shemale phone sex slut like me. He arrived over the weekend and I am on cloud nine. Fancy dinners, spa treatments, shopping sprees and lots of hot sex. We switch things up. I fuck him, he fucks me and a lot of 69 action. Do not get me wrong. When I meet a subby bitch or a tiny dick loser, my cock will be so far up his ass I will know what he ate last. It is just that I like to be spoiled and pampered too. I may have a 10-inch hard cock, but the rest of me is all woman. And women love to be spoiled.

Sexy GFE Phone Sex Shemale

gfe phone sexThis gfe phone sex shemale enjoys the warmer weather. I miss my regular summer activities like barbecues, pool parties, glamping, boating and baseball games. The summer sun makes me horny. Since my city is on yet another lock down because of rioting, I decided to invite a few of my shemale friends over for a private pool party. I have a rooftop pool that no one in my loft complex uses much but me. I wore a cute little bikini and high heels just in case a guy showed up. Before my girlfriends arrived, a guy did show up. He is renting one of the lofts for the summer. He did not know about my panty surprise. He was hot, so it was hard to contain my excitement if you know what I mean. My sexy shemale friends showed up looking fierce and this guy thought he had died and gone to heaven. Again, I was positive he was clueless. Me and my friends look 100% female when our packages are covered. He hung out with us in the pool. We enjoyed the sun and adult beverages. The alcohol hit me quickly because of the sun. I told him to suck my cock. He laughed. He did not believe me. He thought I meant it figuratively. My girlfriends said the same thing. He did not believe any of us had a cock, so we proved it. Without hesitation he was sucking my rod and after me, he took my friends’ sexy shemale cocks in his mouth too.  They were watching him suck my cock while they stroked their dicks eagerly waiting their turn. He did not put up a fight. He did not think twice. Maybe it was the sun. Maybe it was alcohol or maybe he was a sexy shemale phone sex lover. I am glad he is in the building for the summer because he can polish a knob. My girlfriends and I were all in agreement that we will be partying with him again.

Shemale Phone Sex Surprise

shemale phone sexHave you ever had a shemale phone sex surprise? I have been with a guy expecting to lick some pussy and he ends up sucking my cock instead. It can be dangerous to surprise a guy, but as a chick with dick, it can be amusing too. When I am all dolled up like in this picture my friend snapped of me recently, you would never know I was not born a woman. I am always under the assumption, that guys know I am a sexy shemale. I think they like the idea of being forced to suck my dick or take a hardcore ass fucking. I was at a Memorial Day pool party yesterday. My first party since the virus hit and the gathering was less than ten to keep our governor happy. I was wearing a bikini, which does not hide much. Trevor was all over me like a cheap suit. Under the water, he was grinding his ass in my crotch. It was like dirty dancing under water, lol. I am not small. I have ten-inches of sexy tranny cock. No way he thought the bulge in my bikini was anything but a cock. When we snuck off to the bathroom, my panty surprise made an appearance, and he was shocked. Seriously, how could he not have known? He did not run. He stood there gawking, so I shoved my hard cock down his throat. No resistant, so I flipped him over and fucked his ass like the shemale domination porn star I am. Once my pretty cock was up his tight ass, he begged me to cum in him. I gave him a hot load of jizz and he shot his wad. He may have acted shocked, but I still ascertain he knew what he was getting into or should I say what was getting in him?

Watching Mutual Masturbation Porn

mutual masturbation pornMutual masturbation porn is my favorite to watch. I love watching a man stroke his throbbing cock if it is a nice cock. Something so animalistic about watching a man cum. It might have to do with the cum shots. Men have cum shots. Not that women do not cum when they play with their sex toys and fingers, you just do not see it unless she squirts. I watched this one guided jack off movie last night that turned me on. A hot sexy woman was providing instruction to a man with a sizable cock. He was almost as big as my cock. I have been masturbating more because I cannot get cock as much. I got out my favorite ass toy, lubed it up and started to bounce on it as I stroked my cock the same way the guy in the video did. His instructor called it a deep scrotum massage. I lubricated my cock and balls with my favorite lube. With my hand I grasped my swollen cock, pointing my index finger towards my ball sac. My thumb and forefinger were closest to my body. I then allowed my thumb and forefinger to slide down as far as they could go stroking towards my scrotum. My other hand was free to squeeze, kneed, massage, even tickle my nuts. She sounded so clinical when she was speaking, but it was still hot to watch, especially as my hot tight ass felt like it had a big dick fucking it. After about 20 minutes of watching guided masturbation porn, I felt my ball sac tighten, and my ass clench, which meant I was about to shoot a huge load of spunk. I cannot get cock whenever I want right now, however, masturbation is something I can do all day long. I am still part man, and men have a sexual relationship with their hands long before they ever see pussy or another cock! What are you waiting for? Pick up your cock and give yourself some self-love today. I can help you with some prostate phone sex fun too.

Sexy Shemale GFE Phone Sex

gfe phone sexYou enjoy GFE phone sex? I provide a special kind of girlfriend experience. Can you look at me at tell what is so special about me? I bet you cannot. I am not going to reveal my secret. A girl must keep some things to herself, right? But I promise you, I am way hotter and unique than Sasha Gray. I am the secret girlfriend of your wet dreams. I am beautiful, sophisticated, intelligent and unlike all the other girlfriends you will ever encounter because I have a sexy tranny cock.

I am just at home in a hole in the wall bar as I am at the Opera. Either place, I will look so good on your arm that all the other men will be jealous that you are with me. I know how to pay attention to your every need. I can take care of your intellectual needs as well as your sexual ones. There is not anything I will not do to please a man. When you ask for the GFE sex package you decide what it is you want and guess what? You get it with one exception. I am not a bitch. I do not always have to be on top, but I will never be degraded or abused. The reason men pay for phone sex is because it is hassle free. No mind games, no walking on eggshells, no wondering if she will or if she will not. No worrying that she might freak out when you reveal that you have a secret fetish or a taboo fantasy for tranny dick. With the girlfriend experience you get exactly what you want because you have paid for it. And with me, you get a little more than what you paid for and you get it up your ass.

Nothing shocks or offends me. I have no inhibitions. Treat me like the sweet girl next door or the dirty porn star of your wet dreams. Either way, I act appropriately. I am as creative as I am beautiful. I am as knowledgeable about the Karma Sutra as I am about sports and music. You can talk to me about anything. I cannot wait to be your special girlfriend.

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Taking Tranny Porn Pictures

tranny porn picturesI was in a hotel last night and took some tranny porn pictures for an out of state lover of mine. We are counting the days until we can see each other again. May 23rd is when the state travel band is lifted. He already made up an excuse for his wife to explain why he needs to travel. He is addicted to my sexy tranny cock. He is one of my favorite lovers too. I have been fucking Troy for almost 7 years now. We met at a football game. He thought I was a traditional girl when he spotted me in the stadium on a pan of the crowd. He asked a stadium staffer to send for me and my girlfriend. We finished watching the game in his suite. He treated us like royalty. When the game was over, his limo dropped my friend off first, then he came home with me. I was honest about my panty surprise because I liked the guy. I knew he was married. I knew he was a player, but he was funny, handsome, kind and rich too. He took the news that I had a bigger cock than he did well. Most men take it better than I ever anticipate. He had never sucked a cock or even touched a dick besides his own until that night. I went gentle on him. He was not a bitch. He was not some loser begging for a hardcore ass fucking. I see him once a month when he comes to town. I get him 3 days a month and that is not enough. I took some sexy pics for him last night and texted them to him. He called me from his garage, and we had a mutual masturbation session. Not as good as feeling my cock in his ass or his cock in my mouth, but in times like this, we enjoy a connection however we can.

A Smoking Fetish Phone Sex Shemale

smoking fetish phone sexAre you looking for smoking fetish phone sex? Look no further. I love to smoke on calls. I have always been a post-coital smoker. I bring a little something extra to the call too.  My 10-inch sexy tranny cock. I know right? You look at me and have no clue that I have a cock in my panties. Well my callers know, and they call me because I am a safe way to explore their fetishes. I guess you could say I am a smoking shemale. Smoking hot too. I am not a chain smoker, but I do like to smoke after fucking a man’s tight ass. I like to smoke while fucking his tight ass too. I have one married man, who calls me weekly. He tries to fuck his wife, but her vanilla pussy does not make him cum. My hard cock up his ass certainly does, especially when he hears me light my cigarette. He is a closeted cock lover. Plus, he has a smoking fetish. Do you find yourself surfing the Internet for sexy shemales? It is okay to admit that my cock makes you hard. It does not make you gay. Gay men do not want my kind of cock. Well, they want a big cock like mine, they just want it on a less feminine body. I am very feminine except for my cock. Long hair, curves, perky breasts, no body hair, manicured nails and toes, painted face, sexy clothes, tight ass and long legs. When I am in your arms, or you are looking up at me as you swallow my cock, all you see is a sexy bitch. And you may see some smoke rings. I love to puff on a cigarette as men give me head. My dick will make you feel good. I can be your hot dirty little secret. I love to make a man suck my cock. I love to pop a backdoor cherry. And I love to give you hot loads of cum while I blow smoke rings in your face. Let me be your dirty phone sex fetish.

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