Teen Tease Alley

I’ve always been Daddy’s Little girl. I wonder if Daddy had any clue I’d be such a naughty little girl?! The other daddies in the neighborhood sure know! Babysitting has allowed me to get to know all the nice guys in the neighborhood and they sure are nice to me! I admit I do love to tease them. Sometimes they meet my tease with a nice hard cock though!

I sure get a lot more tips now too! Especially when I wear my cute little school girl outfits or my Girl Scout Uniform. When I walk around the neighborhood I can see the poor guy’s tripping over their tongues staring at my cute little ass in my tiny skirts!

One of the first times I learned what effect I have on men was going to visit Santa. I sat in his lap and tried to get comfy wiggling around. There was only so much he could take! Poor Santa popped a huge boner right there and let me tell you, his North Pole was something to admire!!

I’ve learned so much about how to tease and please cocks. I have a huge craving for cum! Can’t wait to taste yours.

~Teen Tease Alley

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