Age Play with P-Momma Kenya Ch.2

Age Play Phone SexWe finally got home and the girls walked the man into our home. My youngest turned some music on and they danced seductively for the happy stranger. I’ve been teaching them how to strip and my angels have mastered those lessons. They undressed slowly and twerked their tiny butts to beat of the music. This man had the biggest smile plastered on his face because my girls were making his dreams come true. When the song ended my tiny girls dropped to their knees and crawled towards his crotch. My oldest unzipped his pants and pulled out the hugest erection I’d ever seen. The girls’ eyes got so big seeing his big dick.
“Mommy it’s not gonna fit!” , they said in unison.
“Lick on it babies”, I demanded.
And just like good little girls my angels slowly licked up and down his huge dick…
to be continued.

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