Adult Phone Chat Avery Takes Cum When She Wants To!

Adult phone chat

Sometimes I am such an adult phone chat slut! I need to have cum to coat the back of my throat. I went to the bar to see if anyone was into tranny phone sex. Some men just don’t know how to handle their cock. Well that was fine with me! I just decided that I would find me a guy to drug up and take home. I needed a stomach full of cum and I was going to get it any way that I could! Finding my perfect cock I approached him and asked if he wanted to have a good time. Since he was already sloshed I did not have to beg or drug. I took him back to my place and propped him against a wall. As I stripped down my clothes he pointed out that I had a cock. He said he always wanted his dick sucked by a lady with a dick. Well I was glad to oblige. I knelt down between his legs and started to stroke my little cock while I sucked his. I was not going fast enough so he grabbed my hair and started to force fuck the back of my throat. I gagged on his large man meat. When he was ready to cum he blew his thick cum load all over my tongue. It was so thick and sticky it made cum strings as I pulled him from my mouth. I stood up and let his drunk ass fall onto the floor, showering him with ones for being my whore for the night. Good boy. 

tranny phone sex

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