Mmm baby you have found the woman you have been looking for! Yes I am on the thicker side, but so the fuck what? My tits, ass, thighs, and pussy are luscious and ready to get that cock of yours off anyway you want. Sex for me is more than the act, it is the details, the tactile experience, and it should be fun. Who the hell wants to have boring missionary sex all the time? I sure as hell do not!

There are a few rules however. You ready for them? Rule 1: You MUST be ready to have a good time. Having someone call me then just sit there not playing back is awkward. I want to have fun with you, I want to cum just as much as you do, and I want to have a chance to lick those balls, suck that cock, and make you a very happy man! Rule 2: Please tell me what you want. If you do not tell me then how on earth will I know makes you squirt jizz like a fire hose? Rule 3: There is no rule three. I’m up for anything and everything. Just how dirty can you be I wonder.

I am playful, I am intelligent, I have a rocking yummy body, and I am ready to have a good time with you. Come and get me!

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