You’re just my sex toy

Roleplay Phone SexRoleplay phone sex is so much fun and I love a horny and perverted man that knows when to submit to me and all of my wild fantasies. All you’re good for in my eyes is being my personal sex toy that I can play with and do whatever the fuck I please with. You have a throbbing cock and I have a wet pussy that’s begging to be fucked hard and deep, it’s the perfect match! Boys truly are just toys, dildos with a pulse, and you are nothing more! I have you reeled in like a worm on a hook and you cannot break loose from my grip! You love being under my spell, it makes you feel more manly than you have ever felt before! Whenever I want to bounce up and down on top of that big cock of yours, you whip it out and fucking me like I deserve to be fucked! I have so much fun with your cock, I love it!

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