Your Balls Look Funny

crossdressing phone sex

Your balls look so funny in those fishnet stockings, sissy. The way the hairy testicles poke out and that itty bitty little joke of a cock barely hangs in that thong. I can’t help but laugh at what I am seeing right now. Playing dress up with you in ladies underwear gives me a total kick and gets my rocks off. I love taking humiliating photos of you for blackmail purposes later just in case for some reason you decide that you don’t think you need a sissy trainer anymore. I know that won’t be a single issue though because you’d be worthless without your princess telling you what to do. Pout those lips out now so I can put this super cute hot pink lipstick on you. And let’s go ahead and adjust the curly blonde wig. Slip on those high heel shoes and the skirt but pull it up nice and high because I wan to be able to see those silly pathetic balls hanging out. Now let’s hang this sign around your neck. Can you read it, sissy? It says “Property Of Princess Paris- Please Spit In My Face!” – now it’s time to go out into the wild with you dressed like that while I video the entire adventure for my own pleasure. Good job, sissy. Next time maybe I’ll let you have a sissy friend join you.

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