Wicked little habits

big tit photosWicked little habits I have plenty when it comes to what I want I do whatever possible to be able to attain it. I don’t think its necessarily a bad thing. I honestly think I’m focused and determined, I think my lack of patience sometimes drives me to do some pretty crazy things but its totally okay, Those crazy things end up working in my favor, I have just been hired at this new job and I am already causing trouble. My new boss has the hots for me and I think once he sees my little report came with a special treat, That crush he has on me will amplify, I honestly don’t think I’d give him half as much attention had he be not married, Wicked habit 🙂 The little surprise I left him was very similar to my last boss, an array of big tit photos, You already know very well that I broke up that marriage and I have my eyes set on this one.

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