White Trailer Trash

Gangbang Phone SexI had a line of men from the street all the way up to my trailer door, waiting their turn to fuck my tight pussy. Man after man pounded my wet cunt. I was determined to beat my record of most men fucked in one day. I laid on my back with my legs spread taking hard cock. I’m a big slut and proud of it. Daddy’s going to be so mad when he hears about other men fucking his pussy. But Daddy and my older brothers aren’t satisfying me anymore, I need new cock. I love to fuck and suck. Daddy says I’m so good that I could be a porn star one day. None of the men are wearing condoms and my cunt is filled with cum. None of the men mind my sloppy pussy, and the wetness is making them cum faster. I’m not just laying there, I’m throwing my pussy and fucking them back. I guess I’m just white trailer trash

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