When the wife is away, get ready to play!

Cheating phone sexLook at me. Your wife is gone and you need some attention right fucking now. I can be that girl for you. All those things your wife won’t let you do…I’ll do them and more. Want me to ride you while you fuck my tight, tiny little cunt? Got it. Wanna fuck my ass so hard you almost cum, then pull out and cum all over my gorgeous face and tongue? Fuck yeah baby. I love that idea. I want nothing more than to please you any way you want to be pleased. Let me get on back and throw my legs over your shoulders so you can fuck me nice and deep. Oh god, yessss. Look into my eyes as you cum inside my tight cunt over and over again. Your wife never has to know. I’m great at keeping secrets. And our secret baby? We have the best fucking sex when she isn’t around and I fucking love it. Nothing is off the list where I’m concerned. I’m that hot, horny piece of ass you need right fucking now.

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