When Daddy’s Not Around

Brother Sister Phone SexI love being home with my family. We’re a very, very loving family. Daddy’s been fucking my tight pussy for as long as I can remember. And if my brothers’ do something to make my Daddy proud he makes me suck their dicks as a reward. Daddy has no idea that when he leaves for work I reward my brothers’ bad behavior. Today they were playing video games and totally ignoring me. I knew what I had to do to get their attention. I took my clothes off and stood in front of their television. That’s all it took to entice my horny brothers. They jumped on me filling both of my tightest holes. I think they like feeling each other’s dicks inside me. They’re so strong, they held me up between them like sexual superheroes. We fucked all afternoon until we heard Daddy’s truck pull into the driveway. Daddy gets really mad if they fuck me without his permission.

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