What You Will Do

Tranny Phone SexI want you to start with worshipping My feet. Softly kissing as you work your way up My leg, onto My thigh.  As you make your way to My massive fuck tool, you may kiss and wrap your fuck hole on your face around Me and slide down My shaft.  Take your hands and massage My balls.  Gag and choke on My cock,  slide all the way down until you feel My balls at your chin. I want to feel your drool on My skin.  Then take your hungry fuck hole and shove My balls deep in that mouth.  I want every inch of My balls in your mouth. I want My balls slobbery soaking wet with your drool.  Hearing you moan.  I know how good My dick taste to you. I want you to make Me cum deep your greedy fucking mouth.  I want My dick so deep in your throat Cumming and cumming draining every last drop into your stomach.  Then as a special treat I am going to piss in your throat to wash down the cum.  You are welcome!.

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