We’d Love for You to Watch

Cum Slut Phone Sex

Calling for a cum slut phone sex operator? Good, you’ve found her! I love my job, I get to talk to sexy men, play with my tits and pussy on command and get to cum whenever I feel like it. This weekend got really, really interesting. I live in a pretty quiet suburb and know all my neighbors. I rent a really nice side by side duplex with a big yard…that’s the part I love. Anyway, I was reading on Friday night, getting into my book when I hear the neighbor getting fucked and fucked hard. When the fuck fest was over I got a text saying “Sorry if that was loud.” I texted back that I didn’t mind it is enjoyable to hear them. She texted “Well if you would like to come to the other side of that wall we’d love for you to watch.” I was so fucking horny; I jumped up to put my robe on and was at their door. About to do something I have never done before. Next blog, the insane erotic fucking of my really hot neighbors.

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