We Partied All Day And Fucked All Night

party girls phone sexWe had partied all day and fucked all night and there he laid on the edge of my bed passed completely out. Now he had given my holes a good workout and they were a little sore and still had some of his cum running out, but I am a nasty cum slut and I needed more. I decided that instead of shaking him or kissing him or sucking on his morning wood cock I would just stand beside him really close and let him breath in the smell of my juicy wet pussy. It didn’t take long until those eyes opened, and a smile appeared on his face. He rolled over and grabbed me, pushing my face against his crotch while moving my hips to his face. As I blew his morning wood, he ate my cunt like it was his last meal. He couldn’t get deep enough with his tongue. We quickly orgasmed and as his face was wet from my cum, I grabbed him for a deep kiss, tasting my pussy juices on his tongue. Now that he was awake, we did another line and started all over again. It was another day of using and abusing my holes and his as well. We got really kinky and you are going to wish you had been there to join in.

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