Walter The Family Friend

My Aunt brought me over to Walter’s house, so he could see me in my beautiful pink bunny Halloween costume. I was so excited to be going trick or treating for the first time and Walter was going to give me my first piece of candy. Walter is the family friend that has been in the family for more years than mother has lived. My aunt was one of my grandmother’s special ones, so she didn’t think very deeply if you know what I mean. I think Walter got a hold of her when she was my age at the time and he broke her wires. She started taking me over to Walter’s house and leaving me there alone while she went to spend the money he would give to her. While my aunt was gone Walter did things to me that were disturbing to say the least. I remember how the days looked the weather, the temperature outside, his soft yellow sheer curtains with threaded Designs. I can’t forget even though it was so long ago. I used to touch myself like he would touch me for a long time until I got braver and started wondering over to his house alone.



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