Turkey, Creampies and Booty for Thanksgiving

Things got a little wild in my kitchen last Thanksgiving. I am hardly a domesticated goddess. My husband did not marry me for my cooking skills. But, I did try to do a big traditional turkey dinner with the help of my stepsons. Well we were drinking as we attempted to cook, and my one step son said my ass reminded him of a turkey: big, plump and juicy. This lead to actually measuring my ass. I got a rump shaker that revivals Jo Lo’s booty. Forty two inches of fine ass.

My husband was getting turned on as he is obsessed with my big beautiful booty. I married my husband when I was really young, and now that I am in my 30s, he is in his 60s and well, he has major dick issues. I was feeling a bit mean that day. I bent over, told him to lick my ass and smell it. While his face was buried in my ass, I was sucking his sons’ cocks. Had them both in my mouth at the same time. They never have a problem getting hard or staying hard. And they can shoot bucket loads of cum.

Every woman in her 30s should be so lucky to have 2 able bodied step sons in the house. They don’t think much of their dear old daddy, so any way they can participate in his humiliation, they are game.  One of the boys started taunting him; telling him he was worthless because he had a hot wife he could not satisfy. The other one chimed in and said maybe he would have better luck with the turkey. My husband was drunk too. He started fucking that turkey. Slid his dick right into it and started thrusting like a horny teenager getting laid for the first time. It was pathetic. The closest thing to pussy he has had in a very long time.

Well, I had two able bodied boys right there. I got on the kitchen island and took one of them in my ass and the other in my cunt while I yelled humiliating things to my husband. I mean really? He was stuffing a turkey while I was getting double stuffed by two young cocks. They were clearly the men in the house. After they both came inside me, we made my husband clean up the creampies they left me. I mean pie is standard with Thanksgiving Dinner!

I can’t wait for this year’s Thanksgiving festivities. It’s rare that that the whole family gets together under one roof. Gonna plot more humiliating activities for my husband.

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