Trailer Trash

Barely Legal Phone SexAll of the women in our trailer park hate my fucking guts. I’m the hottest thing in the park and they’re so jealous. My goal is to fuck every man in the trailer park. It’s so easy getting men to fuck me. Just look at me, could you turn me down? I’m young and tight in all the right places. My Daddy taught me how to suck cock and I’m really good at it. Daddy says semen is good for my health so I always swallow. I love being on my knees with a big dick in my throat, looking up and seeing the funny faces you make while I’m pleasing you. I do things that a lot of women don’t do. I love giving rim jobs, I love putting my tongue in your asshole. And you can have me in any hole, I never say no. Having sex with me can turn into an addiction. Men in my trailer park fight over me because my pussy is so good

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