Toilet Fun

toilet slave phone sexI enjoy some Toilet slave phone sex. Like an open book I have so many stories to tell. This one guy I met on a dating site loved to smoke crack all night and have me do dirty things to him. One of his favorite fetish play was having me pee in a cup. He demanded that I drink a gallon or two of water. Damn was my mothafucking bladder full as hell. I would then go into the bathroom and pee in more than one cup. Sometimes even three if I was lucky. The more cups I could fill the more money I would make. After I would piss and feel of the cups he would drink the cups full of my warm piss! Do you know what I would be doing? Kneeling in front of him sucking his big fat cock. It is something about a man worshipping me enough and think so highly of me to drink my piss. That shit really turned me on. I made so much money every time I met him. See I am no rookey to toilet play. I would consider that shit my specialty. I have some piss right now I need to release in some one’s mouth. Open up!


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