Tie me up, whip me, make me cum so hard

Bondage phone sex

I’ve been a bad, bad girl, Daddy. Looks like you’re going to have to get out the ropes and chains again. See, I was masturbating on my chair earlier and I came without your permission. I’m so very sorry. Looks like you’re going to have to tie me up and spank the ever loving shit out of me. I need your red hand prints on my bare ass. Get out that whip and whip it across my super tight ass. Tie my ankles to my wrists and fuck my sopping wet cunt till I absolutely can’t stand it and beg you to let me cum. Use every inch of my super tight, tied up little red headed body. Put an O-ring in my mouth so you can face fuck me till I gag and almost vomit without being able to swallow. Use that red rope and tie knots all over my body, Suspend me in the air and fuck my sopping wet cunt till I scream your name Daddy. I want to be your filthy Bdsm freak. You’re very own submissive little slut. Who owns this pussy? Daddy owns this pussy. 




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