The Things I Do for Coke

drugs phone sex hot momI found myself alone a lot this weekend. That is never a good thing. I tend to get in trouble when left to my own devices. Friday night it was okay. I stayed in, drank a lot of wine, masturbated by the fire and watched movies. I passed out at some point, woke up in my clothes. I hate waking up in clothes. Well, last night I wanted something  stronger than wine. My only problem, no money. Both my hubby and son would not give me any cash. Guess they know what I will do with it.

I knew where I could get some party favors free. I went to see my biker friend at his bar. I stick out like a sore thumb in this place. A soccer mom like me walks into a bar like that, it is only  to score drugs or get fucked. For me with no money, it was both.  I went in the back room where I would find Rick.  He knew what I wanted, and I knew what I had to do to get it. I took off all my clothes and got up on the pool table.  His friends pulled out their cocks for me to service. I sucked all three of those cocks like a greedy whore. A greedy druggy whore.

drugs phone sex mommy analOnce I got them hard, they got on the pool table with me and double penetrated me. Shoved a dick in each hole. Rick made me suck his cock some more. Grabbed my ears and skull fucked me. I was gagging on his cock. He shot a load all over my face. He loves marking his turf with a creamy facial. His pals were still violating my ass and pussy. The one guy shot his load in my ass, but the guy in my cunt was the energizer bunny. He was just pounding away. Rick doesn’t like me having an empty hole so he fucked me with a pool stick. That hurt! I have had lots of big thick things in my ass, but long and skinny like that penetrated me deep. He got pretty aggressive fucking me that pool stick. Said I had to earn my medicine.

My ass was so sore afterwards. I walked funny out of the bar. Cum running down my thighs, matted in my hair, but I had a couple grams of my favorite drug. I was happy.

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