The Secret Life of a Soccer Mom

drugs phone sex submissiveI live in suburbia. I’m a wife, and a mother. I carpool the brats to school; attend PTA meetings; bake cookies; supervise field trips. On the exterior I look like any other hot soccer mom. But I harbor a secret or two. I’m nothing more than a dirty whore. Whore for drugs and a whore for boy cock. I need the drugs to numb me to the dull life as a suburban housewife, and to give me experiences no matter how painful, how degrading, how vile, how dangerous, to remind me I am not trapped in a Stepford Wives movie. I need the boy cock to feel like a woman. My two addictions often get me in trouble.

Yesterday, my need for drugs consumed me. My husband thinks I am a disgrace. He cut me off financially when he found my stash under the bed one day. He was not happy when I blamed him for my addiction. He thinks I’m clean now. I don’t need money to score. I have my body. I’m not afraid to use it to get what I want and need.

drugs phone sex mommy whoreI got in my soccer mom car, drove down to the worst part of town. A woman like me, in that neighborhood, is only there for one thing, and they all know it. A guy approached me immediately, asked what I needed. Today I needed some smack. In order to get some quality smack, I was going to have to get freaky. I was jonesing bad. I was game for anything. He led me to what looked like an abandoned building, but it too harbored a dark secret. It was home to a live sex show operation. Not your romantic  shit nor even stripper type shows, but hardcore stuff like gang bangs, anal torture, forced sex, water sports, extreme BDSM, even furry friend shows. Women were in cages getting fucked like animals while folks who paid a hefty price for admittance, watched and helped decide the direction of the show.  Most of the women were strung out junkies in need of fast money, but there were a few soccer moms like me, even a couple coeds in need of fast cash too.

I was thrown in a cage with two men who went straight for my ass. No introductions, no lubrication, no foreplay. Just shoved me down on the ground and ass fucked me bareback for what seemed like an eternity. Rough anal that left my ass swollen, bloody and gaping open. At one point in the show, both cocks were in my ass at the same time. They were slapping me, gagging me, choking me, violating my ass with their cocks, while onlookers cheered and jacked off. Men would stand on the outside of the cage and cum on my face. It was degrading. No one was concerned with pleasuring me. I was just a cum dump receptacle; a dirty whore; a commodity. I guess, a strung out junkie in need of her next fix.

I felt used and humiliated, but I got my money, and I got my drugs. Drove back to my painfully dull existence in suburbia, shot up between my toes, cleaned myself up and picked up the brats from school. I often wonder what other stay at home moms do during the day. I think you would be surprised how many of us harbor dark, even taboo secrets. Looks can be deceiving.

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