The day when Mommy’s Boyfriend came in on Me

Bratty Girl Phone Sex

Mommy’s new boyfriend is a singer he writes love songs he always tells me how cute I am he says I’m as cute as a bubble butt button. I wonder why mommy’s new boyfriend always looks at me he can’t keep his eyes off of me. One day he told me that I look like I tasted like candy super sweet, I wonder just what that meant. Well, soon I would find out just how sweet Victor thought I was. One day while Mommy was passed out drunk and high out of her mind, Victor came into my room I remember like it was yesterday. It was about 3 in the morning I was wearing nothing but my Care Bear panties all of a sudden, I felt a warm big hand touching my soft supple little thighs he started to move his hands up towards my bald little cunt then my life was about to change. That night or should I say that early morning Victor did things to me that woke me up sexually and I have not ever been asleep since yes.


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