That’s Amore

hot ass sex dixieWhen a dick shoots your eye from a big pizza pie, that’s amore….
When my friends invited me out to eat at the pizza parlor I knew something was up when I saw the sign that said closed on the door.
The joint is owned by the Uncle of one of my buddies. A horny old fucker that is always trying to get me to give him a piece of ass.
They got me inside and sat me at a booth handing me a drink right away. Despite me asking over and over again what was going on, all they did was laugh and joke.
After a couple of drinks I confessed that I hadn’t eaten dinner because we were coming here and I knew I would be eating the best fucking pizza pie in town. I needed to get something in my stomach because the drinks were going to my head fast!
My friend went in the kitchen to check on the progress of dinner before coming out and letting me know that my pie was on it’s way.
True to their word a pie arrived with the added bonus of her uncle’s big fat dick sticking out of the middle.
Now this is how you eat a pizza pie!
Come to find out one of them heard that it was National Pie Month and decided to put his own twist on that for some hot and kinky fun, just like I like it, cum slut style!
I have the best friends ever! Pull up a chair and have a piece of my pie!

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