Tamara loves Hypnotizing Sissy Simps !

Simps are my favorite type of men. It’s so easy for them to get caught in my hypnosis. Take a deep breath and look in your Queens eyes. Relax and let Listen to me and do as I say, or you will suffer immensely. You’re going to take a deep breath and there will be a big, swollen dick suffocating you.Sissy Phone sexYou’re going to relax and let that big dick fuck your sissified throat and then when he cums you’re going to put it all on your pretty, little face. Take another deep breath and continue to get lost in my trance. Now I want you to get all on all fours and raise that sweet little ass high. Take that big dick you just sucked right up your ass. Feel all his manhood beat up your little man cunt. Good boy, you are doing a really good job! Your doing so well that he is ready to nut. Get up and swallow all that ice cream you cum guzzling slut. Now take a deep long breath and thank me for taking you to your highest self. Congratulation on being my new favorite toy. You are now Queen Tamara’s sissy slut.

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