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Getting Caught Cheating- One

Cheating Phone SexIt’s not secret that my boyfriend doesn’t please me. I have fucked countless guys trying to fill the special part of me. Friends, and strangers and I keep up at it. Today was no different. He left for work and I already had another man on the way. I was so eager to see my boyfriend off that I forgot all about him telling me, he might come back home for lunch. All I could think about was the delicious cock that would be filling my mouth soon. I had the man come into our bedroom, I love fucking in the bed I share with my boyfriend just feels a little extra naughty. I don’t even know his name, to me he is just BBC2387 who was just little for a tight pussy to fuck. We start going on it, he busted in me the first hour. Took a quick smoke break and right back at it. I forgot all about my tiny dick that was going to be home soon. I was on my knees with a giant black cock down my throat when I saw the knob to the bedroom door turning.