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May loves Cock control

Cock control

I may look like a woman but I still have a dick. As a matter of fact my dick is probably bigger than yours. That is not even while I am on hard. This is why I am a Dom. I have a submissive who lets me take complete control over his little dick. I have cock control over that motherfucker. I usually make him go sit down in the basement and tie him to a chair. He can not touch his manhood at all. What ever I say goes. He has given me complete authority over his cock. He loves to watch me play with my ass with my dildo and his dick gets really hard. So hard that the veins pop out. I watch him damn near get blue balls! There he is hard as fuck and can not even bust a good but because his hands are tied up. I need a few more cocks to dominant. Then I will feel complete.