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The Girls Learn A Lesson

Bondage Phone Sex

Oh boy, did my girls not like our last visit time with my dealer.  They had been acting up all day but I had to stop and get some of my ‘medicine’ before we got home.  There was some sort of show on that they wanted to watch and were going to miss it.  They were just bitching and would not stop.  Marcus told them that they needed to shut the fuck up while we were getting my medicine.  Did they listen, no they did not.  It’s not like their Daddies are around to help me discipline them, so once in a while Marcus will step in.

He told them straight up that they were acting like little cunts and should shut up when told to do so. The littlest one told him, “You aren’t my Daddy.” That just pissed him off, he yanked her up by her arm and tossed her on the sofa.  He smacked her hard on her ass and told her that not only did she need to learn a lesson but so did the other two.  He left the room for a short period of time then called to me to take them upstairs.  They were begging me to not take them up there, he came flying down the steps.  One by one he grabbed them and took them upstairs. 

One by one he hogtied them.  The rope was so tight that I had to tell him to not tie up their wrists too hard because I wouldn’t be able to explain away the rope marks on their wrists.  He reluctantly agreed, so he re did the ties, he had them with their arms behind their backs, upper arms secured tightly.  He put gags in their mouths, and had them stand against the wall.  He went up behind them to place his hand on the back of their necks to make them bend forward.  He told them to keep their heads pressed up against the wall, spread their legs, then stick their asses out.

He took off his belt and started to whip their asses.  He would stop every once in a while to finger fuck their tight little holes, he would wet his fingers then shove them right up their bruised and welted up asses.  Then after he was done covering their asses in strap marks, he would whip their tiny little pussies with the belt.  He was swinging it up between their legs, they yelped, cried and screamed in pain against the gags. After he was done with their whippings, he laid them down on their backs, and fucked each of their red, raw pussies.  He even managed to get the tip of his cock into the littlest one. 

I sat back and did a few lines as I watched.  The whole time he was doing this he was telling them what little shits they were being and how they needed to listen.  You know, I think Marcus would actually make a good Father because after he was done with my girls they were good as gold.  They have been very polite and haven’t complained about anything at all.  I have to say it’s nice not to hear their shitty little voices whining anymore.